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It’s like the NBA in your own backyard! With our basketball systmes you’re sure to have hours of fun and fitness with the best in basketball equipment. Best in Backyards carries the full line of  Basketball Systems including adjustable, fixed height and wall-mount goals as well as safety padding and other basketball hoop accessories. Every product is Made in the USA and backed with a Lifetime Warranty! Visit a showroom near you to see the complete line and shoot a few hoops while you’re there. Simply the best in basketball.

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Why Choose Best in Backyards Basketball Systems?

Best in Backyards embraces the belief that the quality of a product is much more than a collection of stand-alone features and has redefined home court basketball systems.

What makes our Basketball Systems so original? Everything! Virtually every inch of, including the parts you never see, is designed to enhance the performance and durability of your basketball goal. Our exclusive features crush the misconception that all basketball goals are created equal. Elevate your game to the next level with a Best in Backyards Basketball System!

Basketball Game

Glass Backboards

Each  Basketball system is equipped with their exclusive 3/8" Competition, Fully-Tempered Glass Backboard. Built to withstand the toughest playing environments in all kinds of weather, the innovative H-frame design of the Goalsetter Glass Backboard combines unparalleled dynamic ball response with unequaled lifetime durability.

Height Adjustment

Our patented Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism allows the rim height to raise and lower infinitely from 6' to 10'. Goalsetter's unique internal compression height adjustment provides a smooth, effortless adjustment with a simple turn of the height adjustment handle and is more efficient and safer than the standard tension jack mechanisms used on other height-adjustable basketball systems.

Easy to Assemble, Easy to Move

Moving? Simply take the system with you! Our System can be taken off the existing ground anchor and placed on a new ground anchor to be installed at your new home.

Ground Anchor

Pole Design

Our Off-Set Pole Design minimizes shake and is built to last! The Off-Set Design aids in reducing the wear and tear on the joints of the system and assists in its durability. More importantly, this design enhances the stability and play of the backboard for years of home court play. The counter-balanced Off-Set Pole Design allows the height Adjustment Mechanism to be concealed inside the pole, increasing its longevity and safety. Goalsetter's corrosion-resistant paint process ensures that your basketball system will look good year after year, no matter what the weather.

Ground Anchor Hinge System

Our patented Ground Anchor Hinge System provides a solid foundation to ensure superior performance and durability. Unlike standard direct-bury methods or "J-Bolt" anchor systems, the  Ground Anchor Hinge System uses a square, 42"-long structural steel anchor to provide the strongest foundation available.