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Swing Sets

At Best in Backyards, we firmly believe that kids need to spend plenty of time outside. A swing set is the perfect way to get your kids up, moving, and enjoying their time in the fresh air! With an extensive variety of swing set models to choose from and the professional installation we offer, we guarantee that you’ll find something that is perfect for your family at an affordable price!

Swinging on a backyard swing set is a fun way for your child to get exercise and build muscle while enjoying the outdoors. Best in Backyards’ wooden swing sets are high-quality, durable, long-lasting products guaranteed to keep your children safe while they’re having fun. Our wooden swing sets are manufactured by Eastern Jungle Gym. They are made of 100-percent cedar wood, and are built using thru-bolt construction, as well as our patent-pending Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame bracket. You can rest assured knowing that these swing sets are carefully crafted, and among the best swing sets on the market.

We have a wide range of models ranging from traditional A-frame wooden swing sets to deluxe wooden playsets with multiple towers and clubhouses. Best in Backyards’ playsets come in several different series: The Straight Base Series, The Angled-Base Series, The Multi-Deck Series, and The Imagination Series. These playsets feature a number of activities and accessories, from playhouses and tent-top canopies to ladders, tire swings, sandboxes and much more!

Your kids will have the time of their life on their very own backyard swing set as they swing, climb, slide and more, all while using their imagination to pretend and explore. Purchasing a swing set or playset is a valuable investment, as it will get your children outside and active, while allowing them to socialize and problem solve, all without ever leaving home. Browse through our site to pick the perfect backyard swing set or playset for your kids, and let the fun start today!

Imagination-huge-outdoor-cedar-swing-set imagination-playset-on-sale-in-ct imagination-wooden-cedar-swing-set Double Tower Wooden Playset Multi Deck Cedar Wood Swing Set fantasy-tree-house-play-set-for-kids Extreme Cedar Tire Swing Playset Supremescape -swing-sets-installed Supreme-swing-sets-for-sale
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The straight base wooden swing sets feature a vertical clubhouse that allows for lots of fun, with either a built-in picnic table, bottom playhouse or deluxe sandbox! The Dreamscape, Dream, and Ultimate are all cedar play sets complete with bright canopies, challenging rock-climbing walls, thrilling wave or scoop slides, and three-position swing beams for non-stop activity. These swing sets may be installed on level or non-level ground.

With a unique A-frame design, the angled-base wooden swing sets feature a 3-chain rubber tire swing, a feature the little ones just love! Features include steel rung access ladders and/or Jacob's Ladders (depending on the model), a three-position swing beam, wave or scoop slides, a swing set canopy, and much more. Select a model for more details, and remember that the customization options are truly endless!

The multi-deck swing sets have several play decks that vary in height, making them great for adventures! A bottom playhouse, picnic table, or sandbox are just a few of the options on the Sky, Fantasy, and Fantasy Tree House. These wooden swing sets feature as many as three slides and three clubhouses, with plenty of choices in terms of canopies, wooden roofs and other add-ons.

The Imagination playsets are the biggest backyard playgrounds, with a total clubhouse area of 104 square feet beneath three beautiful swing set canopies. But the fun doesn't stop there! The kids will love the treehouse and front porch, the gliders, the sling swings, and all the slides!

Eastern Jungle Gym has been building the best wooden swing sets for more than 22 years. Founded by a family intent on building a strong, safe backyard playground that would last for years and could be installed almost anywhere, Eastern Jungle Gym has grown to become one of the industry leaders in the residential swing set market. The company's success has been due in part to staying true to the simple philosophy that started it all: "Give the customer a quality product, excellent customer service, and a fair price."


All swing sets are 100-percent cedar. They use thru-bolt construction and rely on our patent-pending steel bracket system. We recommend at least six feet of clearance around all swing sets. Choosing the right one is easy! Browse our site to learn more about the models, all of which are completely customizable.