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the worlds safest trampoline

Best in Backyards offers the most innovative trampoline in the industry—Springfree Trampolines. Springfree trampolines are 100% spring free and provide children with hours of play time! Springfree's safety features ensure that your child can use a trampoline without worry of inquiry. The jumping mat is suspended above the steel frame to prevent the jumper from hitting any hard surfaces while bouncing. There is also a flexible net surrounding the trampoline that prevents any falls. Springfree trampolines are scientifically proven to be the safest trampolines in the world! Make your trampoline even more entertaining and accessorize it! Add a ladder for easy access or a hoop for hours of bouncing and basketball.

10ft round
8ft by 13ft oval
11ft squircle
13ft squircle


The FlexRhoop is built using the same innovative materials and design concepts as the Springfree Trampoline, so no hard surfaces are added to the jumping area. Made from weather and UV resistant materials, the FlexRhoop is fully deformable and fully flexible with a responsive backboard. It is great for kids (and adults) who want to practice their slam dunk!

SALE $199


The FlexRstep allows easier entry onto the Springfree Trampoline for smaller jumpers without introducing a hard surface near the jumping area. The ladder is a unique design allowing it to flex in the event of an impact, reducing the chance of an injury. The FlexRstep includes a combination lock to lock the net enclosure, so you can control when and who uses the trampoline. The flexRstep is a fantastic addition to your Springfree Trampoline!

SALE $99