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Trampoline Time In The Fall & Winter


Trampoline Time in the Fall & Winter

Forget the Planetarium—you can use your trampoline to star gaze. Forget hitting the gym, because your treadmill is right here. Don’t even worry about taking a weekend long camping trip, because your trampoline gives you the best camping experience you’ll ever have! Trampolines aren’t just for recreation anymore—and this guide will show you that you can turn it into anything you’ve ever wanted!


Star Gazing

Do you have a little scientist in the house, or an aspiring astronomer? If your typical evening consists of the same leftovers and sitcom watching on late night TV, it may be time to move your family from the couch to the trampoline. How often do you regularly make time to see the stars in all their glory?

At Best in Backyards, our trampolines are designed to not only make sure you stay safe (which is our number one priority) but that you’re cushioned as well. Skip watching the stars on the tough lawn, and relax your back on our squeak-free trampoline—and become a bona fide stargazer in the process!


A Campout for the Whole Family

Grab the hot cocoa, sleeping bags and your sense of adventure because when you camp on a trampoline, you camp in style. Many people make the mistake of thinking that trampolines are just for recreation, but the truth is, their possibilities are endless.

Since our trampolines don’t use pads, but instead, a SoftEdge (which is 30 times more shock absorbent than the alternative) you won’t have to wake up with a bad back or a sore neck. Gaze at the stars, slurp up your hot cocoa and fall asleep in the wide, open air. There’s nothing quite like it, and when you do it as a family, you’re experiencing something that no other activity can ever replace.


The Perfect Spot to Make a Fort

Your favorite activity may be going out to a movie, or catching up with a good friend. However, to a child, creating the perfect fort is not only one of the best things they can do with their time, but it’s the most memorable. Is your son or daughter running out of fortress spots in your house? Then move him/her outdoors, and create the most exciting, thrilling and unusual fort on their trampoline!

With your Springfree trampoline at Best in Backyards, there’s no risk of injury here—that’s because our trampolines are not only scientifically proven to be the safest in the world, but they have a Flexinet safety enclosure to keep your active tots hiding, jumping and squealing without the risk of a broken bone or twisted ligament in the process.  



The Perfect Cardio Workout

Thanksgiving is over, which means you probably have some calories to burn off! If you have a trampoline, you don’t have a thing to worry about. Did you know that thirty minutes of moderate intensity movement on a trampoline can burn up to 800 calories? Get your heart pumping and your metabolism revved up simply by bouncing, lunging, jumping and squatting. A few cardio sessions on your trampoline and you’re back to your pre-Thanksgiving physique in no time at all.


When you think outside the (spring) box, you can enjoy an endless amount of ways to use your trampoline. We’d love to know: what’s your most creative way you’ve ever used yours?