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Easy Fall Clean Up Tips That Maximize Your Holiday Cheer!


The Fabulous Four: Easy Fall Clean Up Tips That Maximize Your Holiday Cheer!

Forget waiting until Spring to clean up the clutter—because when it comes to your lawn that needs to be mowed, a backyard that needs to be raked, an excess of gifts waiting to be wrapped and bulbs that need to be planted—there’s no time like the present. Follow these four easy tips (that even you, the skilled procrastinator can master!) and as a result, you’ll bask in your free time—just in time for the holidays!  


Pick Ripe Fruit and Use it as a Centerpiece for Your Holiday Dinner

There’s very little in life that tastes better than freshly grown tomatoes, corn and squash—that is, unless you use it as a centerpiece for everyone to enjoy (that includes the squash haters in your family!) It’s easy to get so bogged down with office parties, holiday errands to run and daily responsibilities, so much so that you forget to pick your ripe fruits and vegetables that are just waiting to be enjoyed!

Make sure to routinely check for your fresh produce in your garden that’s ready to be eaten, and don’t be afraid to be creative! There’s nothing more inviting than a centerpiece of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Your kids can get involved too, by bringing in a handful of their favorite leaves and spread them around the centerpiece to their liking. 


Prioritize What You Want to Plant for Spring (While Your Soil is in It’s Prime!)

Part of being organized in the fall requires a forward thinking mentality. Do you want to plant lilies or daffodils this year? What about planting an assortment of gladiolas for everyone to enjoy? Right now is the perfect time to plant your favorites (while the soil is still soft enough to harvest them), so head over to your local home improvement store and stock up (you’ll be able to find some amazing deals this time of year.) Just be sure to plant each bulb with enough space in between to grow properly.


Rake the Leaves and Cut the Grass

Holiday stress isn’t just about finding the time to bake cookies, plan your annual party and taking care of your various family member’s needs. The stress really mounts when you look out in your back yard and notice your overgrown lawn and shrubbery.  How will you possibly find the time to cut the grass and rake the leaves—especially when it’s the last thing you’d ever want to do?

As time management experts always say, do the task you loathe first. Then, you have the rest of your day to be more productive than ever! Ask a family member to take care of the lawn mowing (2-3 inches) while you get the kids involved with the raking. If you have toddler or school age children, give them the most important job of all—being the ‘official’ leaf pile jumper! They’ll love it, and love you for it.


Bundle Up and Enjoy Family Time Outdoors

Once you’ve accomplished the tips suggested here in this article, it’s time to put away your fall clean up list, and enjoy the season for what it truly is.  Make a pot of hot cocoa, layer up your family with their coats and scarves and show them what the fall is really about—priceless time together! Watch your kids enjoy sliding on their swing set, playing ball or jumping as high as they can on their trampoline.


Now that you’re organized with a clean and clutter-free home and yard, you can enjoy the holiday season without a worry on your mind!