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Ho, Ho, Here Comes our Products at a Price You Can’t Refuse!


Ho, Ho, Here Comes our Products at a Price You Can’t Refuse!


Are the holidays a time you look forward to all year? With family coming together, a feast of scrumptious holiday food fit for a king, and the magic of Christmas makes December worth living to your fullest! However, no matter how strong of a conviction you have to “vow to enjoy the holidays more, and stress less,” somehow and for some reason, the inevitable happens—you rush from holiday party to your children’s Christmas recital; to meetings and holiday shopping without so much as enjoying Christmas for what it is—magical!

Santa has been watching you this year (wink, wink) and knows just what you need—a gift that doesn’t just keep on giving, but one that the entire family can use again and again. Forget movie night, because our products (all on sale throughout December) are just what you need to cure your “Bah, humbugs!” once and for all.

Santa Has Been Watching (and He Wants to Give You the Gift of Fitness!)

2013 has been a busy year. For many, it’s been full of challenges and triumphs, which means that you deserve something extra special from the man in the red suit (and who has a laugh like a bowl full of jelly!) When you put your health needs first, everyone wins.

Feeling like your gym workout isn’t shedding those pounds off like it should? Our trampolines and basketball systems are just what you need to feel great and have fun doing it! Feel the burn without it being agonizing when you bounce your heart rate up, and burn the fat on one of our spring free trampolines. There’s nothing like our trampolines—whose spring free design is the culmination of thirteen years of research so that you can have the very best.

Fa La La La La…With Savings to Spare!

It’s ok, you can admit it…your body isn’t what it was twenty years ago, and if watching your energetic teenage son makes you reminiscent of your youth, we’ve got the answer. Shoot more hoops! When you purchase one of our wall mount or in-ground basketball systems, you’ll easily stay inside your holiday budget. After all, with as good as you’ve been this year, think of us as Santa’s little helpers. As with any item you purchase, you’ll receive free delivery and installation, but buy the All American or MVP basketball system for your family today and save up to $799. Now that’s a reason to spread the holiday cheer, and get your ‘dunk’ on!

Enjoy the holidays by spending time with the ones you love. Why not make your new in-ground basketball system or trampoline the new ‘hot spot’ of family activity, or as the place you’ll work off those extra pounds?

We’d love to know: what are some of your favorite family members of the holidays? Do you have an interesting or unique way to get the whole family involved in fitness together?