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How and When to Stain Your Wooden Swing Set

How and When to Stain Your Wooden Swing Set

Every wooden swing set looks great when you get it, but unfortunately because it is an outdoor product, they do not always stay that way.  Sun, snow, rain and wind all weather wood over time and if it is not treated properly they can get, well, let’s face it, ugly.  Like any other outdoor wooden product, they need to be maintained to preserve their natural beauty.  Here are a few tips to help you keep your wooden swing set looking great for years. 

How to Maintain your Wooden Swing Set:

·         Preparation is key!  Before sealing or staining any wood play set, make sure the wood is clean, dry and free of any dirt or mildew. 

·         Power wash or hose down the set.  Use a deck cleaner or similar product to remove any dirt or mildew.  Be careful as some pressure washers can damage the wood if used improperly.  Let the wood dry for 24hrs before applying any swing set stain or sealant.

·         Remove all accessories and coverings.  It is a lot easier to remove them before staining, then to attempt to clean off the stain drippings later!

·         If necessary, lightly sand any rough areas on the play set.  Repair or replace any damaged parts. 

·         Apply clear wood sealer or stain as recommended by manufacturer.  Spraying the stain onto the set will use more material than applying with a brush.  Depending on the product used, two coats may be required for the best protection or color. 

·         After application allow the play set to dry for 24 hours before playing on it again. 

When is the Best Time to Stain your Wooden Swing Set:

·         To preserve your investment and get the most out of your swing set it should be done every year.  This will ensure the wood maintains its natural beauty and also prevents checking and cracking.

·         The only time you should not stain or seal your set is when the temperature goes below 40 degrees, or if there is high humidity as it will slow the dry time.  The low temperature could affect the product used depending on if it is an oil or water based sealer.

·         Early afternoon is the best time of day as any moisture from the morning will have dissipated.

·         Other than that, whenever you are ready to tackle the job is the best time to do it!

Maintaining your swing set will preserve and protect it for many years providing you with a safe and beautiful looking backyard play set. 


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