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Interior Design Tips for Sheds That Work!

Interior Design Tips for Sheds That Work!


Where did the year go? With New Year’s right around the corner, there’s no more time to waste, and finally, the time to hesitate is through. It’s time to do what you’ve been putting off all year and declare your biggest New Year’s resolution of all— to decorate your beautiful shed to your heart’s content.

However, if just thinking about taking it from cluttered to captivating leaves you scratching your head, relax. We’ve got this. Read on to learn how to make your shed space into your sacred space in no time at all.



 What Do You Want Your Shed to Be?

The days have come and gone when all a shed was used for was storing old gardening supplies, your kids bikes or all those miscellaneous items you don’t have a place for inside your home.  Think outside of the box, and determine what you want your storage shed to be. Are you creative? If so, you may want to create an artistic haven to paint your masterpiece in.

If you have a green thumb, you might want to create a shed that contains nothing but gardening supplies. Or, if you’re determined to de-clutter your home, you may desire nothing more than an organized wooden or vinyl storage shed. Prioritize your needs, and take the time to decide on one use for your shed, rather than several. Then, you’ll have a shed worth coming home to!


Create a Warm, Inviting Environment

Whether you only spend time ‘here and there’ or every chance you can in your shed, it should be a relaxing and inviting place to visit, right? Bring in a rug you don’t use, or purchase a new one. Hang dried flowers from the ceiling, and add a rocking chair for a ‘homey’ feeling. If you plan on devoting your space for gardening purposes, hang up your gardening tools along the wall and bring in your favorite gardening books and bulbs to be planted for the following season.


Your Artist Sanctuary

Having trouble with writer’s block? Then you may need to move to the shed—and with the right décor, it can prove to be all the inspiration you need! Purchase a used desk or counter-top at a yard sale (or splurge on a new one) and set up camp: bring in your laptop, lamp and favorite lampshade, and inspirational quotes. Whether you decide on purchasing one of our A-frame style sheds or a Backyard Dutch Barn, you can be sure that whatever you create, will be a special place!



Sheds are the perfect addition to your lifestyle. From relaxing to reading; potting to preparing an acrylic masterpiece, you can think of the time you spend in your sacred shed space as the best part of each and every day!