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Maximize your Backyard With a Gorgeous Outdoor Room


Maximize your Backyard With a Gorgeous Outdoor Room 

If your house these days has felt a little crowded, you’re not alone. Most busy families get the wintertime-cooped-up-blues, and with good enough reason: your indoors doesn’t always have a serene space that gives you that ‘getaway’ feeling.  So, here’s the perfect solution: step outside, get a whiff of fresh air, and put your vision goggles on.  

Your backyard—whether you’ve ever thought about it or not—is the perfect opportunity to take your ordinary outdoor space, and turn it into an amazing outdoor oasis.  When you follow our guide, you may just be inspired to spend every spare moment you can there. Here’s how to turn your patio into your happy place—in just three easy steps!

Wine and Dine Your Guests (With a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen)

You love hosting dinner parties, but you don’t love it when your guests can predict what you’ll serve and where. Take them into your backyard where they can enjoy a cocktail while sitting at your outdoor kitchen’s bar. Grill a Thai inspired dish—from start to finish—on your stainless steel BBQ. Serve your dinner on granite countertops and all while everyone enjoys the twinkling lights that hang from overhead. If your new grill isn’t enough of a reason to host a party, we don’t know what is!

Camp Outdoors (It’s Easy With a Fire Pit!)

Fire pits are often the underdog of backyard renovation—they tend to get dismissed for bigger, and grander fixer-uppers. Creating a beautiful room in your backyard doesn’t take as much as you think it does, and if you want to keep things simple, add a fire pit, a few of your favorite rocking chairs and don’t forget the bottle of wine—there you have it! A perfect backyard room anytime you need a break away from the usual and ordinary.

Create Some Romance With a Pergola  

Do you long to transform your overgrown grass and weed filled backyard into a place you actually want to spend time in? You can easily bring in privacy (as well as some overdue romance!) with a pergola. Our hearthside pergolas give you the perfect environment for that romantic getaway you need, and when you step outside your back door—you’ll find it. Complete with notched intersections, wood decks and even a privacy wall, you can easily vamp up ‘date night’ with one of our beautiful pergolas!

Your backyard can be anything you want it to be. It doesn’t to be ordinary, or even how you thought you wanted it to look..when you moved in. You can buy just one central piece such as a fire pit, pergola or outdoor kitchen (better yet, all three to complete your vision for the perfect backyard!) and you’ll have a place to relax and rejuvenate at a moment’s notice. There are no limits when it comes to your backyard, which makes the possibilities endless!