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Pass on the Pie & Head Outdoors: Your Holiday Fitness Guide

Pass on the Pie, and Head Outdoors: Your Holiday Fitness Guide for the Whole Family!

Who doesn’t love the holidays? Between the chatter of relatives you haven’t seen since last time this year, to the indulgent second (or third) helpings of your mom’s famous apple pie, it’s no wonder it’s easy to totally abandon all sense of reasoning when it comes to staying fit and feeling great. If you want to stay focused on your fitness, try this come Thanksgiving: get your entire family into the spirit of having fun, and they won’t even realize they’re exercising! Here are some of the best, easiest and most exhilarating ways to feel the burn (and work off your Auntie Mae’s decadent desserts) without feeling like you’re “paying” for your big appetite!  


Kick the Kids Off the Trampoline—It’s Your Turn to Bounce!

Have you ever noticed that if suggested to “try out our trampoline,” many adults would shy away from it, saying, “Oh, that’s ok. It’s for kids, isn’t it?” While trampolines are a popular activity for kids to spend hours bouncing, playing and squealing on, it’s also the most convenient way for adults to burn calories, de-stress and get their aggression out (especially when it comes to a holiday dinner that didn’t exactly go as planned!) Our trampolines aren’t just fun—they’re the safest on the market! Thanks to its spring free technology, you can laugh, jump and bounce your way through the perfect holiday.   


Create a New Holiday Tradition with an Annual Post-Dinner Basketball Game

Whether you have a wall mounted basketball system or our popular in-ground one, there’s no way to kill two birds with one stone (playing the game of basketball while getting exercise!) than right here! Sure, watching the game on TV after eating a big Thanksgiving meal is tradition, but why not start a healthier one—and a more family oriented one? Start the tradition of playing one-on-one with your dad, or get everyone in the family involved (parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, even your sister who claims she doesn’t like the sport) and get your game on! When you bring the family together in a fun way, everyone wins!


Holidays are one of the most wonderful times of the year, but getting your daily exercise in can be a challenge. You don’t have to squeeze in a yoga class or kickboxing session at the gym when you have everything at home that you need to boost your heart rate! Have fun jumping on the trampoline or improve your basketball skills—it’s your call!