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Six Ways to Customize a Swing Set


All the best backyard swing sets have a few things in common: high quality materials, top-notch construction and safety features, and exciting activities. Whether you are shopping for a swing set or looking to add on to an existing backyard playground, there is no shortage of add-ons you can look to for a unique, one-of-a-kind playset. The kids will absolutely love you for it!

Here is our list of top swing set add-ons, in no particular order:

Monkey Bars: The monkey bars are a classic choice, and often a favorite for kids. Parents like them too because they help the little ones develop upper body strength. Whether you go with traditional monkey bars or the double-wide monkey bars, we recommend they be constructed of steel rungs and a wooden cedar frame. A set of monkey bars takes any backyard swing set from average to awesome in no-time.

A Second Slide: If your family is like most, there slide is one of the most coveted activities on the playground. The kids take turns swooshing down day after day, and there’s even a line when it comes to family birthday parties! If this sounds familiar, why not add a second slide? There’s no better way to customize your swing set. You can do this by adding another slide of the same size and kind, or you can mix it up —14-foot scoop slide with a 7-foot spiral tube, 10-foot wave with a 12-foot scoop, and so on. It all depends on the swing set you have and your budget. This is a great option to keep in mind a few years down the road if you want to give your kids’ playset an upgrade.

Gang Plank Ramp: If your little ones are into running, a gang plank ramp is the perfect finishing touch on your backyard swing set. This accessory is made up of a wooden ramp that typically leads from the grass or rubber mulch play area up to the clubhouse. It also has two ropes running up the side for extra support. The gang plank ramp is a great way to add an additional access to the clubhouse that will help them improve their gross motor skills.

Bottom Playhouse: The clubhouse at the top of most swing sets is an exciting place for the kids because it gives them the “kids-only” space they’ve always dreamed of (think back to all those forts in the living room and those hideouts in the yard). What makes the playset even more exciting is a bottom playhouse, the type that is completely enclosed — save for a doorway and windows. Now the kids have two places to go, which means they really will never want to leave the backyard.


Horse Glider Swing: The horse glider is one of the most popular swings you can add to your playset. It features handles for the kids to grab onto, and footrests on both sides. The horse glider swing is designed for two kids to sit back-to-back, which makes it an activity the kids can’t wait to experience with their best pals.

Extra Toys: When it comes to toys, we bet your kids will agree with us when we say the more, the better. A great way to enhance your swing set is to add a few more gadgets. Our favorites include the ship’s wheel, jumbo binoculars, steering wheel, telescope and telephone. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, we suggest going with an accessory bundle, like this one from Eastern Jungle Gym, our parent company.