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Turn Your Shed Into A Man Cave!


Turn Your Storage Shed into a Man Cave!

There’s the attic, the spare bedroom and your home office. These are all perfectly common rooms of the house in which you can unwind from the daily grind, and escape from your responsibilities, but is it still too close for comfort? It can be hard to cultivate a “man cave” mentality when the kids are fighting over their toys, and all you want is to watch the game in peace. We have the solution: retreat to your backyard, and convert your tool shed into a man cave paradise!

Whether you have one of our Dutch Barn, Quaker or A-Frame storage sheds, yours can easily be turned into a space that’s all your own. Give yourself the peace of mind you ask for, by these easy tips that will transform your shed into a ‘man cave’ in thirty minutes or less!

Designate One Area for the Tools

Do you tend to have tools, appliances and your family’s camping gear stored in your shed? Make better use of this sacred space by clearing out the clutter and designating one small area to your shed for household items. If you can, move it to another area of your home so that your man cave can be a place to relax (as opposed to part man cave, part storage space.) Donate what you and your family no longer uses, and spring clean your way into a man cave oasis!

Add Some Lighting and Speakers

It’s time to get creative. Most of all, it’s time to realize that when it comes to decorating your man cave, you call the shots! Do you want to replicate your dorm room from college (with dim lighting and ample speakers on the walls?) Go for it! Hang up your favorite picture of Tiger Woods making the winning shot, or those trophies you won ‘back in the day’. Bring in your comfy chair, or a small couch.  You can even find a remnant carpet for the floor. Remember—the only rule is that you make up the rules! 

Into the Outdoors?

Go ahead and put those trophy’s on the wall! Finally a place you can see your biggest fish or favorite fly rod all the time. Remember all those trips and outings by hanging some photos up too. Don’t forget that buck of a lifetime either!

…And the Flat Screen TV

What’s a man cave without a flat screen TV and surround sound? If you have a busy home life, your man cave is the perfect opportunity to watch the game in peace, surf the net or enjoy a marathon of your favorite HBO show.  Bring in a flat screen TV, your video game console and your laptop. Make this space as unique and “you” as you can! No matter how you design your ‘man cave,’ you can rest easy (and relax in peace and quiet) knowing that all of our sheds are uniquely designed and practical—making you feel right at home. In fact, they’re so adaptable that you’re man cave may quickly become your favorite “room” in the house!

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Have you got a man cave already? We’d love to see some pictures and share the ideas.