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20 Family Activities for Fall

20 Family Activities for Fall

Fall, what a wonderful time of the year!  The leaves are starting to change and in our case here in New England so is the weather.  It’s starting to get a tad chilly around here, but thanks to our closets full of cold weather gear it isn’t too much of a problem.  I just wanted to take the time and remind everyone of some great fall activities to do with your children.

1.    Pick some apples at a local orchard and then make a tasty treat. I like apple caramel bars, yum!

2.    Rake and pile of leaves and let the jumping begin!

3.    Find a local corn maze and have fun navigating to the end

4.    It’s football season!  Have some friends, family, or neighbors over play a game of touch football.

5.    Go to the pumpkin patch and find the ultimate pumpkin for making a jack-o-latern

6.    Have a bonfire on a crisp fall day and make some s’mores

7.    Go for a bike ride and check out the fall colors

8.    Head to the park with the kids and have them find leaves and when you get home make leaf rubbings

9.    See if there is a local festival for fall you can attend (check your local paper)

10.  Go tour a haunted house

11.  Find a place that gives hay rides and has a petting zoo (Check with corn mazes, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches)

12.  Do you know the best time to go to the beach and build sandcastles?  FALL!  Say hello, to empty beaches plenty of space for the kiddos to show their creativity!

13.  Fall is the perfect time to swing on your swing set or head to the park or a field and fly a kit!

14.  Make a scarecrow as a family and display him in the front yard.

15. Help out an elderly neighbor with raking leaves.

16.  Make some Thanksgiving art work!  (We love the traditional turkey hand.  Make one everyone year and you will have the ultimate collection of your child growing up!)

17.  Head to the science or art museum when it’s chilly.

18.  If it snows before Thanksgiving…which it’s been known to do here make a family fun day and head out to a hill with the sleds.

19.  Have the kids help decorate the yard for Halloween & Thanksgiving


20.  Have a your children turn your swing set or shed into a playhouse.


There’s so many ways to enjoy the fall weather with the family. Get out there and have some fun!