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5 Fun Things You Can do with Your Trampoline!

springfree trampoline backyard fun in the summer

  1. Put balloons on your trampoline and let the kids bounce around. You can make so many fun games out of the different colored balloons, filling the balloons with water, or just letting the kids enjoy the pure fun. This can be great for birthdays, parties, celebrations, or just for fun! Invite the neighbors over and make it a fun afternoon of bouncing and balloon fun!
  2. Hang a bed sheet around the net of your trampoline and do nighttime shadow puppets. Let the kids hold shadow puppet contests, get creative with I’m Thinking of an Animal, and so much more! This is great for sleepovers, warm evenings, and just general fun. You can also play a movie in your backyard if you have a projector. Project the movie onto the sheet and let the kids enjoy an outdoor movie in the safety and comfort of your backyard. Pop some popcorn and you’ve just created your own drive-in movie experience.
  3. Parents – you can use the trampoline too! Get your exercise in with some backyard jumping before the kids wake up or before they get home from school. It is a fun, free, way to get in your cardio without having to leave your home. Did you know that after jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes, a 150-pound adult burns around 42 calories? Put on some fun music, grab your water bottle, and get to jumping!
  4. If you live somewhere where its been really hot this summer, turn your trampoline into a fun outdoor water-fun-zone! Use squirt guns, a hose, or water balloons to cool off and let the kids work off some of their energy. Make sure to supervise in case anyone gets too rowdy but just sit back and watch as the kids wear themselves out with jumping fun! There are so many creative and fun games that the kids can play while cooling off.  
  5. Have a camp out on your trampoline! Grab blankets, extra pillows and set up a nest on top of your trampoline for optimal stargazing. Start the night off with some s’mores from your firepit and then finish off the evening with cuddling on the trampoline. This can be fun as a stargazing activity or an all night outdoor sleepover! Share stories, pack snacks, and let the kids make memories that will last a lifetime! 
  6. Use regular chalk and draw targets on the mat to hit when you jump. Or, just draw pictures or even play tic-tac-toe. The chalk will wash off in the rain, so no worries.