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Best Safety Surfacing For Your Playground


Best Safety Surfacing For Your Playground 

In the eyes of your children, their playground is their oasis. It’s the place they always have a fun time with their siblings, and most importantly, it’s their safe haven. We believe it should be yours too—that’s why we pride ourselves on providing rubber mulch for our swing sets—because you can never be too safe when it comes to your children.

You know that your children are going to love their swing set. Just like you did as a child, they’ll spend hours swinging, sliding and spinning their way down the slide, and back and forth on their swings. That’s their job—to make memories with childish abandon. But keep them safe with the most environmentally safe, and durable surfacing—that’s your job!

And that’s where we have you covered.

The Safest Mulch on the Market

We love the products we sell, but even more than that, we love the people our products are sold to. So, it’s only natural that we provide our customers with the best and safest rubber mulch on the market! Unlike some other mulches and alternative safety surfacing, rubber mulch won’t retain moisture after a heavy rain or snow storm—and it won’t easily blow away, either. Made from 100 percent recycled rubber tiles, you can feel great about your eco-friendly, injury proof purchase! Cater to your children’s personal tastes by picking from five different colors (or mix and match your heart out!):  Black, Forest Green, Cocoa Brown, Royal Blue and Red.

Whether you have one or a soccer team worth of children in our household, you know how fast accidents can happen. When you supervise your children as they play on their swing set, it’s not always enough to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. Land on hard surfacing such as concrete or wood chips, and they could sprain their ankle or knee—which puts a real damper on the day.

Rubber mulch is a simple fix for all of your safety concerns, and is so resilient against harsh winter conditions; it’s your year-round solution for safe play! Since it doesn’t decompose, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or costly refilling your mulch. Purchase it once, and never have to worry about it again.

When you buy our rubber curbs and mulch with a swing set, we’ll let one of our experts install it for free, so your youngest family members can safely swing their day away! That’s a win/win—and a perfect year round purchase that keeps on giving to the entire family!