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Digital Gaming Trampolines For Sale at Best in Backyards


Carmel, NY — Best in Backyards of New York and Connecticut is excited to announce the addition of a revolutionary trampoline to its superstores, Springfree featuring tgoma.

Designed to transform screen time from a stationary, indoor activity to a physical one, the new and improved Springfree trampolines with tgoma combine traditional trampoline fun with interactive digital gaming.

Springfree featuring tgoma—which stands for “take gaming outside and make it active”—capitalizes on the intense popularity surrounding devices. A study from Common Sense Media released last year found children in the US spend up to 60 hours each week consuming media, and experts say young people are spending less and less time playing outside.

“Instead of fighting technology, it’s about leveraging it to transform ‘screen time’ from an isolating, sedentary activity to a healthful, engaging experience for the entire family,” said Steve Holmes, founder of tgoma.

The first of its kind, this product stays true to the safety-conscious, patented design of Springfree trampolines while incorporating a unique outdoor digital gaming system.


Thanks to specialized sensor technology, the trampoline connects with the users’ device through the free tgoma app. The app features seven interactive games that allow for competition with friends, family and other players worldwide. Some of the games are educational in nature, while others focus on play and fitness (think cardio and endorphin release).

“Springfree trampolines have always been one of our top-selling products, and we know that the addition of tgoma will be a huge hit,” said Rolf Zimmermann, vice president of sales for Best in Backyards. “We’re all about getting kids moving and outside, and tgoma is an innovative way to do just that.”

Tgoma has been fully integrated into all new Springfree trampoline models, which feature a tablet holder that hangs from the Springfree safety enclosure. Springfree featuring tgoma is now available for purchase as all six Best in Backyards superstores. Tgoma is also available for purchase at Best in Backyards as an accessory for current Springfree trampoline owners.

More information about Springfree trampolines, known for their soft surfaces and their composite rods in place of traditional springs, is available here.