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Fall Safety Tips For Kids

Whether your kids are in your backyard or down the street at the neighborhood park, safety is key – especially as the evenings get darker come fall. As a father myself, I’m always concerned about the little ones.

Here are outdoor tips I’ve compiled to help keep your kid safe:


·         I’m a huge fan of reflective clothing for kids. But, let’s be honest – no kid is going to wear full out reflective garb from head to toe. Here’s one of my favorites – the Amphipod Micro-Light Flashing Reflective Armband (link here: It’s effective, and kids can strap it on their arms. Other affordable products are also on REI, like the Nathan Reflective Snap Band ( for only $10.


  • ·         Set a curfew for your child, and make them stick to it. If they come back two minutes past 7:30 p.m. – it’s still a breach of curfew and fair punishment should be decided upon. Check out a wide collection of children’s watches on Amazon ( to help them track the time, and let them pick for themselves.

    ·         If you’re concerned about your child venturing too far, or getting lost, GPS units that slip into a pocket or backpack are key. Some of them can be pricy, but others are on the more affordable scale from $20-$30. Visit for more details.

    ·         Firefly offers great mobile devices for kids. Interested in what other options are out there? Mashable (link: offers great options for parents who are interested in purchasing one.

    Finally, the biggest tip of all is to be a proactive parent and to think of all possible dangerous scenarios that could occur. Sit your kids down, and talk to them about what to do if a stranger approaches them. Sure, your kids might be scared about the topic, but it’s a topic that needs to be addressed.

    Additionally, coming up with a code word is something that my parents and I used when I was a child – for instance, if a family friend had to pick me up instead of my parents on a specific day, that person had to specify a familiar code word to me. That way, I knew it was OK to leave with them, and I felt comfortable and safe.

    Have any other tips or want to recommend other products to your fellow parenting adults? Feel free to comment below, and Happy Autumn!