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Fun in the sun

Children grow. Families expand, and parents often want to spend quality time with their children as they take in the fresh air. By choosing a children’s outdoor swing set that’s strong enough for even the adults, the whole family can enjoy generations of fun together in the sun.


To ensure safe, long lasting play for the entire family, we encourage you to follow a few simple guidelines in the purchase and installation of your own outdoor swing set:


1. Buy heavy duty equipment that can be modified or upgraded as the family grows.

2. Select equipment features according to children’s sizes, skills and interests.

3. Think ahead. Remember they won’t be little forever. Purchase a swing set that will be challenging as they grow older and bigger.

4. Always place your wooden swing set in a level area free of obstructions.


All Eastern Jungle Gym cedar swing sets feature exclusive through bolted posts and beams for the safest and strongest structures anywhere. With our patented solid steel one piece bracket system the swing beam and support are strong enough for adults.  Using lag bolts and a sturdy ground support system we ensure even weight distribution, as well as a unique leveling system that allows you to install your playset according to your property conditions.


Make an informed decision before you buy your next swing set, then get out and enjoy some fun in the sun with the family.