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Get Fit With Your In-Ground Basketball System


Get Fit With Your In-Ground Basketball System


Your in-ground basketball system isn’t just the perfect opportunity for your family to rally together and shoot some hoops. It’s not just a great after school activity for your son and his friends, or a convenient way for your husband to hone in on his basketball league drills. Get fit by playing basketball and get in the best shape of your life—no gym membership required! Here’s how to dribble, pass and shoot your way to a lean and strong body—which is one of your New Year’s resolutions, right? We’ll help you get there in no time at all!


Start With a Pre-Workout Exercise

Basketball is the perfect way to exercise—as you’re constantly in motion. You’re not starting and stopping as infrequently as with football or golf. Because it’s essentially ‘interval training’ at its best (shooting to dribbling from one end of the court and back again) it’s important to warm up properly.

Start by taking a light jog around the perimeter of your backyard for a few minutes. Slowly, stretch out your hamstrings, back, shoulders and thighs so that you minimize your risk of injury while playing. Straining your hamstrings is a common injury in basketball, so take the time to stretch properly. That way, nothing will ruin your high impact workout!


Playing One-on-One

Grab your teenage son or your ten year old daughter, and enjoy playing a friendly game of basketball that will burn some serious calories!  All of our in-ground basketball systems adapt to your family’s needs. So, whether you’re burning off some calories with your spouse, or with your ten year old, our patented height adjuster mechanism allows you to change the height—as your family does!  Dribble and shoot, while changing up how quickly you run to get the ball, or move it past your opponent. Run off your dinner from last night, and in the process, bond with your loved one by playing one-on-one!


Get Your Vertical Jumps In

One of the best ways basketball playing helps you to achieve your goals is through vertical jumping!  When was the last time you jumped repetitively in a 45-minute time frame? Jump to make the shot, jump while getting away from your opponent or jump to land that three pointer—and you’ll increase your heart rate, and burn calories. When playing basketball (either by yourself or with another), incorporate as many vertical jumps as possible. The more effort you put into your workout, the more of a payoff you’ll see!


Whether you choose our in-ground or our wall mounted basketball system, you’ll feel like you’re training for the NBA!  Take your workout—and your game—to a whole new level. Lose weight. Gain muscle. Change your body (while improving your technique), and all by stepping out into your backyard. We make the best, so that you can feel your best. So, feel the burn as you exercise playing basketball and you’ll love the payoff!