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How to Choose the Perfect Swing Set For You and Yours


How to Choose the Perfect Swing Set For You and Yours

You do it all. In fact, some days you do so much for your family that you often baffle others. Like usual, you have a long list of things to accomplish on your ‘to-do’ list, one of which is to treat your children to that swing set they’ve been asking for, for months now.

But the million dollar question remains: How do you choose the right one—one that will keep them busy for hours on end and through the years, while also being the safest on the market?

Consider Best in Backyards the expert you’ll been looking for!

Why? Because we’ve been doing this for 21 years, and we take as much pride in providing the best for your children as you do. So, as you run from place to place, and knock off each to-do on your list one by one, rest assured that no matter what swing set you choose from us, it’ll be the best—because we are the best in the business of swing sets

The Perfect Swing Set Makes Memories to Last

One of the biggest benefits of swing sets is that it’s timeless. If, at three years old, your children love spending time on their swing set, she’ll also love it at eight, and ten, and twelve. So, since it’s the perfect ‘memory maker,’ ask yourself: Do I want to spend less, or invest in more? Our Supreme Swing Set Series is a perfect ‘starter’ for any family that has never bought a set before. Enjoy the tire swing that hangs under the deck, and the slide that will keep them squealing for hours!

Know Your Budget (and We’ll Find the Perfect One For You!)

There are a lot of companies and manufacturers that sell cheap swing sets—but you pay for what you get. There’s a lot of swing sets that rust easily, or only provide a slide or swing—one or the other. Then, there’s our swing sets. No matter what set you choose, our various series (Dreamscape, Imagination and a classic favorite, the Fantasy Tree House Series!) give you reliability, safety and a fair, affordable price.  Isn’t that the perfect combination? 


We’re not just good at what we do—we love what we do. And when it comes down to it, that’s what makes for a great product that lasts. They’ll love the swing set you choose for them, and with a price that meets your budget and one that has your safety concerns covered, it’s another one you can cross off your ‘to-do’ list!