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How to Find the Right Trampoline for Your Family


If you are thinking about purchasing a backyard trampoline for your family, you know there is no shortage of brand, size and shape options to consider. From the no-net trampolines more common in days past to the modern, more expensive in-ground models on the market today, this is a purchase that warrants thorough research. With that in mind, we’re going to take you through a few of the key features you will want to look for as you shop for a trampoline.

    • Safety Net Enclosure: In our opinion, the safety net enclosure aspect of the trampoline is non-negotiable. For safety reasons, some sort of net is a must-have. It prevents falls and ensures that the jumper will be gently directed back to the trampoline surface in the event of a sideways bounce.
    • Quality Construction and Materials: Whether you’re leaning toward a traditional trampoline or a Springfree model, which uses composite rods instead of springs, we recommend taking a good look at the components of the trampoline. What kind of springs are used? What sort of material was used for the frame? Is the frame covered to protect the jumper from coming in contact with hard surfaces? What sort of hardware attaches the mat to the frame? These are just a few of the questions you should ask as you learn about different trampolines. Here at Best in Backyards, we carry Springfree trampolines and JumpSport Elite trampolines, two brands that meet our specifications for safety and quality.
    • Size: As you browse online and in stores, be sure to jot down a few numbers for comparison purposes. We recommend learning the square footage of the trampoline surface, as well as the length and width or diameter, depending on the shape. Then you can measure the space in your backyard to see which trampoline would work best.
    • Accessories: Before you make your purchase, take a look at the available accessories. Is a basketball hoop a necessity for your kids? A hoppy ball? Maybe you want the option of adding a tent as a surprise for the down the road. What about a gaming system that incorporates your children’s devices? After all, some studies show that children spend as much as 60 hours per week looking at screens — and less than 60 minutes playing outside, according to Springfree. The possibilities will depend on the brand.

If you’re still torn after looking into each of these areas, we recommend reading through reviews and heading to the nearest backyard equipment store. Nothing compares to seeing the product in person and having the kids take a few test bounces!