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How To Get Your Kids Off Their Screens And Back Outside

Family Standing Under Goalsetter Basketball Hoop

In this day and age kids are far more likely to play on a computer or tablet than they are to actually go outside to play. While screens do have their use, it is so important for children’s mental and physical growth to get them off their screens and back outside. And it just got easier!

Nothing says exercise and movement quite like a trampoline. Trampolines are perfect for getting kids active and getting rid of all their pent up energy. There are so many games like Hot Potato, DodgeBall, Dance Battle, Simon Says, and Pop the Popcorn can disguise exercise as fun. Grab the neighbors kids and make an afternoon of jumping contests and healthy snacks. Something as simple as a trampoline can turn summer afternoons into wonderful memories! A tired child is a happy child!

Do you have kids who love to climb, explore, pretend, and swing? Because you don’t have to send your kids to an expensive sports camp to be able to do those things. A swing set is perfect for kids of all ages because a swing set can grow with your kids. There are swings and accessories for all ages to encourage imagination, creativity, problem solving, and exercise! Make an obstacle course for the kids using the swing set, or turn the slide into a water slide! Hold swinging contests, picnics, and tons more games in the convenience of your backyard. Even better, a swing set is great all year round, not just in summer time. Getting your kids off their screens and back outside never got easier than now!

Lots of children love to be outside but want to be active, challenged, and have fun all at the same time. This can be easily remedied with a in-ground basketball hoop. Perfect for some independent time for kids to practice their hoop skills, and also perfect as a family activity! Whether your kids are on a team or just like to toss the ball around, a basketball hoop is a great way to get your kids back outside for fun, exercise, and team spirit!

For kids who love pretend tea parties and imagination games, a playhouse is a great way to encourage creativity. Let your kiddos decorate the inside and customize the outside of their own personal playhouse to make it their own. A playhouse is great for giving your kids a place where they can play and explore in safety. Great for multiple kids, a playhouse can encourage problem solving, sharing, and friendship. See where your kids imagination takes them as they explore who they are and the world around them inside their own little house.