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Indoor Activities to Keep Kids Busy This Winter

Indoor Activities for Kids


Ah, winter. What’s not to love about the rain, wind, sleet and snow?  While it tends to make for a picturesque winter wonderland this time of year, it can also pose a challenge for busy and active children that have nowhere to be but indoors. 

How do you keep your kids busy when it’s too cold to go outside? How will they manage cooped up when they’re used to running around the backyard to exhaust their energy? Better yet, how will you keep your cool being cooped up indoors with them?  Add some extra wood to your fireplace, and bring out the hot cocoa because our guide to keeping your kids entertained indoors is short and sweet, with more than enough activities to keep the entire family sane and serene!   

DIY Cookie Pizza (They Won’t Stop Raving About This One!)


What kid doesn’t love a pizza? You may have gotten your entire brood together to make your own pizzas in the past, but do this one better and create a cookie pizza your kids will go nuts over! Roll out refrigerated sugar cookie dough, and cut them in triangular shapes to resemble a single pizza slice. Slide them onto a baking sheet, and set them in the oven on 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Then, put out bowls of “pizza toppings” so they can freely assemble their own. They can use raspberry jam for their pizza’s “tomato sauce,” cinnamon sugar mixture for the “cheese,” and chocolate kisses and M&M’s for sausage and pepperoni toppings!


Once Upon a Time (With a Twist)

There’s only one thing better to a toddler than a story, and that’s a story they get to help you tell! When it’s howling wind or pouring down rain outside, a great way to pass the time is any old ‘happily ever after’ story to get your kids attention span focused for hours. Tell your toddler one of her favorite stories, but interject periodically by asking “What do you think should happen now?”

For example, if your child’s favorite story is The Three Little Pigs, stop when the wolf is about to knock on the door of the house made of straw, and give your child the opportunity to take the story in a whole new direction! Give them all the freedom in the world to make the story silly—the more ridiculous, the better.


Ghost Stories by the Indoor Campfire

If you have older children (ages 8+) it’s important to plan activities that are age appropriate for their taste and maturity level. Build a roaring fire, make the ambiance of your living room “spooky” by telling ghost stories by candlelight, and watch them hang on your every word. If your kids need more activity, create a bowling alley in your living room! All it takes in six semi-empty water bottles (your “pins”) and a rubber ball. Then divide your family into teams, and you’ve got an afternoon of activity to keep them on their toes!



When it comes to keeping kids entertained and engaged, you’re the ring leader. The more creative and enthusiastic you are, the more excited they’ll become. So give ‘em the best you’ve got, and your indoor activities can easily turn into one of the best days they’ve ever had! With some luck, you might just get a reputation as the coolest parent on the block!