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Lose Weight While Jumping Your Heart Out

Lose Weight While Jumping Your Heart Out


Yo-yo dieting is all too common. The fluctuation of losing weight is discouraging. And, the more times you lose weight only to gain it back (and then some), the harder it is to get back on the metaphorical ‘bandwagon’ and commit to serious weight loss once and for all. Luckily, there’s one weight loss tool you may not have considered.

It’s not a strict no-carb weight loss plan or a calorie counting obsession. It’s your trampoline, which can provide a healthy, cardiovascular workout you need to loose inches and raise your metabolism. So, go at it and jump your heart out (in order to improve your heart health!) Here’s a fitness plan to get you moving in the right direction!  


Trampoline Lunges and Lifts

When you do push-ups at the gym, you tone and tighten. Now, just imagine doing push-ups on wobbly ground! The energy you burn and the balance you achieve on the trampoline with each set doubles. Your heart rate goes up. Your tone and tighten in record breaking time! Think outside-of-the-box when it comes to your trampoline, because the fact of the matter is, it’s not just a jumping playhouse for your children. It’s your own personal gym. Three times a week, lunge and lift yourself to good health. Give yourself at least fifteen minutes per session and your cardiovascular workout will blast the fat away!


The Jog-and-Bounce

You got it right: when you jog on a trampoline, you burn more calories than when you jog on flat terrain. If you’re serious about achieving your weight loss goals, consider interval training. It’s easy to do—simply start out with a light jog, and gradually increase your speed. For example, if your goal is to jog for 15 minutes, spend the first two minutes with a light jog (and don’t worry about looking “silly.”)

After a few minutes are up, increase your speed by not only jogging faster in place, but lifting up your knees while you jog. At minute four, walk in place, and then rotate every other minute to a jog, and then a jog while lifting up your knees. Over time, you’ll increase your duration and endurance. Just be mindful of any joints that begin to ache. If they do, modify your workout.


Jumping into the Sky (to Shrink in Size!)

Jumping like a child does is not just fun—exhilarating even—but it’s a challenging workout. Start with giving yourself the goal of jumping for five minutes, continuously (trust us—it’s harder than you think!)

Give yourself a few minutes to balance and acclimate yourself to the trampoline by jumping lightly. You should jump so your feet are barely leaving the surface. Once you feel comfortable, catch some air mid-jump! Then, time yourself for five minutes and jump as high and with as much energy as possible. Feel free to look as ridiculous as possible—this is when true weight loss starts, and when the fun really begins. After all, if a workout can’t be fun, how can you possibly make it a lifestyle habit?


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