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Photos: Summer Swing Set Installations


Our team of factory-trained professionals has been busy with deliveries all summer long, installing everything from wooden swing sets to storage sheds to trampolines and beyond. Here’s a look at a few of the recently completed swing set jobs, with descriptions of the models and add-ons.


Installed in a woodsy area of the customer’s backyard, this Supreme cedar swing set has been customized with two add-ons: a wood roof and monkey bars. Standard features include the three-chain tire swing, 10-foot wave slide, three-position swing beam and more.

This wooden swing set is the Imagination model, which includes the most activities and accessories of any Eastern Jungle Gym playset. In total, the Imagination offers six swing positions, plus three slides, three clubhouses, a rock climbing wall and much more. Even so, this family chose to customize by adding wood roofs and a gang plank ramp.


Here’s the Dream wooden swing set, the flagship model from our parent company, Eastern Jungle Gym. This backyard playground was personalized with a set of monkey bars extending from the clubhouse. The Dream comes standard with two sling swings, a gym ring trapeze bar combo, a steel rung access ladder, a clubhouse with toys and a heavy-duty vinyl tent top canopy, a 10-foot wave slide and a rock-climbing wall.


Wood roofs added to this Fantasy wooden swing set — which also features an additional spiral tube slide — make this backyard playset extra unique. The Fantasy is a favorite with kids, who love all the clubhouse room (there are a total of three: two covered and the third uncovered, acting as a bridge).


Here’s the Dreamscape wooden swing set, with a few customizations. First up is a wood roof in place of a tent top canopy over the clubhouse. Next is the horse glider swing for two, and the high back, full bucket infant swing. Each of those add-ons is a perfect example of how this family customized the swing set to fit the children’s needs.