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Springtime Activity to Get Your Family in Shape


Springtime Activity to Get Your Family in Shape

The year has come and gone, and before we know it, the flowers will be in full bloom again.  While not make your 2014 New Year’s resolution fitness based, so that each and every member of your family can feel great about the skin they’re in? The family that works out together, stays together—and we have a guide that will take your there, effortlessly!

Take a Saturday Family Fun Ride

Has your bike been rusting away all winter? When it comes to prying your family away from the television, video games or hibernating mode of wintertime, make it easy! Take the bikes out of the garage, and plan a casual Saturday ‘Family fun ride!’ Is there a place you love to take your kids, such as their favorite park?

Plan a picnic, and get everyone burning a few calories on the way there. If you have some unenthusiastic bike riders (who would much rather spend their Saturday sleeping in or hanging out with their friends) make the day about them! Stock the picnic basket full of their favorite snacks, and take your bike ride to the zoo, or another enticing spot that will allow them to be motivated to exercise.

Have a Jumping Contest on Your Trampoline

It’s true—the family that bounces together, stays together! You may not know it, but your trampoline has infinite possibilities. Forget it being an activity that only your kids enjoy doing—when you get the whole family involved in on the fun, everyone can get fit and boost their mood, while having a blast in the process. Surprise your kids (who are convinced they know everything about you) by holding an official “jump jam!” 

Keep their energy high and their boredom at an all-time low by putting together a jumping contest. Make it fun, and easy to do so that they can spend hours trying to “outdo” each other with spins, high tail jumps and mid-air splits. You be the judge—complete with mock up score cards and enthusiastic applause—and keep them engaged in this adrenaline pumping, calorie burning activity for hours!

Get the Whole Family Involved in a Charity Run

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2014 to give back and get involved as a family more often? One of the best things about getting your whole family to participate in a fun run/walk is that you do good for yourself while doing good for others.  It’s a win/win. You can’t lose (except for maybe a pound or two!) Get your family involved in an upcoming charity run, and build up the momentum weeks before. If it’s a simple 5k run/walk, spend some time teaching your kids about the charity you’re raising money for. Allow them to feel like an “honorary runner” by giving them a special t-shirt to wear for the run, and when the race is over, treat them to a special family “Funday (Ice Cream) Sunday” treat. When you get your whole family moving, you’ll discover just how many things you can do in the great outdoors. From trampoline jumping to charity walking, your possibilities are endless!