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Summertime fun and creating childhood memories

Ah, the joys of summer! Remember when you were a kid and you’d spend hours in the sunshine every day, inventing your own games and riding bikes until your legs burned? If Mom was lucky, maybe you’d make a quick appearance at lunchtime for a sandwich and lemonade, and then you were back at it again, batting around wiffle balls or swinging as high as you could on your wooden swing set until it got dark.

Sometimes it seems kids don’t make lasting memories like that anymore. Maybe that’s because hardly anyone’s making toys and playground equipment that lasts anymore! These days, youngsters can spend hours on end on mind-numbing video games that are forgotten in minutes and obsolete in weeks. Best in Backyards believes they deserve a breath of fresh air. We’re bringing the old memories back – and building them to last a lifetime – with our hardy, wooden playsets and swing set accessories.

In this day and age when so much technology is at our fingertips, it’s still that good, old-fashioned ingenuity that means the most. It is this ingenuity that goes into the design and construction of each and every play set and all the swing set accessories sold at
We take a special pride in bringing together families and playgroups into one, big backyard community. Each of the outdoor swing sets sold at Best in Backyard is soundly constructed of solid cedar wood, according to the most stringent quality and safety standards in the industry. Reliability and durability are always paramount with us, as is our enduring commitment to customer care – and all that at a price that belies the high value of our products and service.
Learn more about how we can set up your backyard play area, including choosing the ideal spot to set up, assembling the swing set, caring for your wooden swing set and other helpful information about Best in Backyards and Eastern Jungle Gym

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