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Swing Set Safety All Year Long


Swing Set Safety All Year Long

Whether you’ve given your children the gift of a swing set for their backyard years ago, or you’re just thinking about purchasing one for the holiday season, there’s nothing better than giving your children hours and hours of enjoyment than their very own outdoor play area! You may have one question nagging in the back of your mind: How do you keep your children as safe as possible while they swing their afternoon away?

Set Up Safety Rules That are Age Appropriate

Set your children up for success with the most important safety rule of all—swing set guidelines that make sense for their age and maturity level. Your swing set is an investment for the entire family, and pays for itself in no time at all. Getting your kids outside and creating memories outdoors is priceless, and so is keeping them safe at all times.

If you have a toddler, make sure they understand how to go up and down the slide, or how to swing correctly. If you have older children using the swing set, make sure they understand the right way vs. the wrong way to play (no rough play, for example, in order to keep it in optimal shape.) Most of all, enforce a “no play until I’m ready to watch you!” that they fully understand.

Rubber Mulch Will Keep the Trips and Falls Away

Who knew recycled tire material could be such a valuable and cost effective way to keep your children safe? It’s easy to consider only the swing set itself when keeping your children safe as they slide and swing the day away. But what happens when they step off their swing set and onto a surface that’s hard or uneven? Reduce the risk for broken bones and twisted ligaments when you use rubber mulch. It’s economically and environmentally friendly, no matter what your budget is. And best of all, it allows your children to keep doing what they do best (swing high and slide fast!) without a stop at the doctor’s office in between.

Check Bolts, Screws and All Connections Annually

It doesn’t matter if you’ve paid for the best swing set on the market, or you’ve gotten your swing set at half price at your local mega-store. When it comes to keeping your swing set safe, be proactive about your children’s well-being and protection by giving your swing set an annual inspection long before something has the chance to go wrong.

Even swing sets made from cedar (which is one of the best plays set on the market) need to be checked once a year, and this can easily be done by examining its connections, or if your swing set is made of metal, checking for rust.


Your swing set is an instant ‘memory maker,’ full of hours on end of happy childhood moments. Make it as safe as you can by enforcing rules, using rubber mulch to keep the ground of your play area injury-free, and performing annual maintenance to ensure your swing set is one that is safe, and stays that way all year long!