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Swing Sets for Spring Time!


Swing Sets for Spring Time! 

Ah, spring time. Is there a better time of the year? We think not—especially since this is the perfect opportunity for your kids to get out of the house and burn off some of that wintertime cooped up energy! We also think it’s the perfect chance for you to get out in your backyard, sit down with a glass of iced tea and enjoy the great outdoors as much as they will.

Need some tips to turn your ordinary (and possibly overgrown) backyard into a peaceful place you can unwind and relax? Here are some of the basics, with one show stopper to put on your ‘must have’ to-do list!

Turn Your Backyard into a Kids Outdoor Play Area (We Have Everything You’ll Need!)

No matter what your backyard has been in the past (a place to store old equipment you don’t use, a place to host spring and summer parties or a place you tend to ignore) make it different than the past. With spring, comes the birds, the bees, and the perfect opportunity for a one-stop kid’s play area that your children will always be excited about!  

 Set up a trampoline or a basketball in-ground hoop for your toddlers, pre-teens and teenagers alike! No matter what age your children might be, they receive multiple influences while at school. For good or bad, they have to handle pressures and responsibilities that come their way.

We believe that their home should be their oasis from it all. No pressure, no responsibility—except that is, to be a kid and do what a kid does best! Kids deserve to play their heart out. So do them a favor this year and bring in some easy gear that gives them the perfect chance to play in a controlled, safe place—your very own backyard.

Check Out Our Gorgeous Cedar Swing Sets at Your Local Show Room

Are you ready to bring in the show stopper of all spring time show stoppers? Our cedar crafted swing sets do the trick, each and every time. From toddlers to teenagers, your playset will give your children the change to learn, problems solve, burn energy (and burn calories!) and learn that an active lifestyle is…well, the best life to lead. The best part of all? Each time they enjoy their cedar swing set, they enjoy the outdoors (and give up their obsession with video game playing!)

As New York and Connecticut’s premier swing set retailer, we know how challenging it can be to keep children entertained and engaged. That’s why we don’t just believe in our product, but we back it up with a pre-sale that you can’t pass up! Contact us at 800-752-9787 to find out about pricing, swing set options and accessories.

Re-Do Your Flower Beds and Plant the Garden of Your Dreams

What’s the spring season without blooming flowers? At Best in Backyards, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful backyard garden to come home to. Lilacs, roses, or dandelions…pick your poison and bring in the upcoming spring season with a newly designed flower bed you can be proud of!

Spend the next few weeks picking out the overgrown weeds of fall and winter in order to make room for the garden of your dreams. Spend an afternoon browsing through your local DIY store, and deciding what flowers are best according to the amount of light that comes into your yard. Talk to an employee about the best soil for your flower’s ph levels (all flowers require a slightly different ph level) in order to create the perfect environment for your flower bed.

It doesn’t take much to take full advantage of your backyard, and we aim to help you along the way. Contact one of our friendly associates at 800-752-9787 to instantly turn your drab backyard into a dreamy one—one that your whole family will want to spend time at, together!