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Swing Sets Give Kids a Mental Workout, Too!


Swing Sets Give Kids a Mental Workout, Too!

You have so much to keep up with—paying the bills on time, meeting deadlines, and keeping up with your family’s growing piles of laundry—that it can be difficult to remember that your children have a demanding schedule of their own. Whether you have a preschooler or a ten year old, your Eastern Jungle Gym swing set is the greatest gift you can give them—and here are three reasons why.

They Need to Unwind as Much as You Do

Is your preschooler having a meltdown because you asked him to put away his toys? Is your grade schooler having a rough time with reading, and growing more frustrated by the minute? Is the TV watching getting too excessive on a daily basis? As the parent, you’re the ringleader, which means what you say, goes. What you demonstrate by example, they’ll follow. And when you bring in a swing set as the newest addition to your backyard, they’re bound to break away from their frustrations and focus on the best stress buster of all—good, old fashioned swinging.

They Need ‘Down Time’ Away From the TV and Internet

As happy as your children may seem watching TV, playing online games or watching Hunger Games for the twelfth time, need to unplug and go ‘offline’ from time to time. Studies show that over two hours of zoning into the internet at a time and per day for children is plenty, and when they get into the habit of any more than that, it can cause irritability, depression, and even attention difficulty at school. Give them the best chance of success (whether at home or at school) with an activity that is free from exposure of sex, drugs or celebrity gossip and let them just be a kid doing what kids do best—swinging like a champ!

They Need to Feel Confident, Safe, and ‘in Control’

Kids spend their day almost as busy as yours—but sometimes it’s hard to remember just how busy their day is—not to mention, how little control they feel they have. Everywhere they go, someone is instructing them on what to do or not to do, whether that’s you as the parent, their teacher, or friends.  Their minds are always going, whether they’re busy learning a new language or math concept, or making sense of behavior (good or bad) around them, and these days, bullying (online and offline) is everywhere. Swing sets bring your children to an immediate sense of security, and take them a world away from any stress or anxiety they may encounter. It allows them to feel in control of their actions, and free from the pressure and demands they may experience socially and academically.


So, if you wonder why a swing set at all, here’s the answer: our swing sets let them just be kids. We know that in the grand scope of things, their childhood will come and go so quickly, which is why we are so passionate about helping you give them something that will be the best gift they’ve ever gotten. Mentally, socially, and emotionally, it’s the perfect way for them to spend their time being happy and healthy, all year long.