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Trampoline Fitness Equipment for All: Train Like a Pro!

Training Like a Pro: Trampoline Fitness for All!

Trampolines used to be just for recreation. They used to be a way for your kids to burn off their excess energy, or even star gaze on a summer night. But now the truth is out—your trampoline is an all-in-one cardio blasting workout! Tie your shoelaces, and power up your iPod because when you train on your trampoline, you can make 2014 the year you devote to fitness!


Maintain the Bounce (For a Better Body)

According to a 2006 NASA research report, bouncing on a trampoline (in which you maintain the bounce for up 30 minutes) will allow you to burn 70 percent more calories than by jogging on the treadmill in the same amount of time. If you spend that time bouncing as high as you possibly can, you are expending more energy (which allows you to burn off that fast food meal you had for lunch yesterday!) Maintain the bounce, even if your feet are barely leaving the trampoline, and you’ll be able to increase endurance and intensity within a short period of time.


Jogging (With a Jump)

The higher you bounce, the more energy you expend, which makes this exercise perfect for any beginner to do and challenging enough for any trampoline expert. Start by spending the first minute or two bouncing so your feet don’t leave the trampoline. Once you feel comfortable, begin to increase your jump. It may take a dozen jumps or so to establish your balance but soon you’ll get in the flow. Spend the next three to five minutes jumping as high as possible.

The aim (for a moderate to high intensity workout) is to push yourself so that you’re not able to sustain a conversation, but not panting for air, either. By starting to bounce a few minutes at a time (it’s a tougher workout than you might think), you can safely work your way up to a longer workout, and without the hard impact of running (but with all the benefits!)


Jumping Jacks

The old jumping jack exercise is tried and true—when you maintain a constant motion of jumping with your feet out and then back together while moving your arms up and down, you tone and tighten! Now, just add a bounce of the trampoline to your step, and you can earn that dream body of yours in half the time!

Start each exercise (especially this one) with a few minutes of a light jump. When you feel comfortable, bounce your legs to opposite direction and move your hands up toward your head. You’re going to have gravity to deal with, so just make sure that when you do this exercise, you’re focusing on balancing your body. If you have trouble running due to poor joints, this is a great substitute!


The trampoline never gets old. In fact, when you focus on fun and exercise, you can maximize your jumping time and look great doing it! From the simple bouncing exercise to jumping jacks, your exercise options are endless.


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