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Trampoline Safety in a Few Simple Steps


Trampoline Safety in a Few Simple Steps

You already know that trampolines are a fun activity for the whole family, so why aren’t your children spending more time bouncing, jumping and exercising (and in general) making the most of your backyard trampoline?  

When it comes to your family, nothing is more important than their well-being and safety, so if you want them to spend more time outdoors and squealing with delight (but not quite sure how safe a trampoline is), this article’s just what the doctor ordered. Learn all the facts and tips you need to make their everyday trampoline experience every bit of an exhilarating activity as they hope for, while they safety steer clear from broken bones and torn ligaments like you hope for!   

Make it Spring Free!

For the uninjured and unharmed (and who want to stay that way) your key player in trampoline safety really has to do with the trampoline itself. So, whether you have an oval, round or square shaped trampoline, you can jump in style and feel completely safe doing so when you have a trampoline that is scientifically proven to be the safest on the market, has extra cushioning and is maintenance free.

So, if safety is first and foremost on your mind, consider this research: Spring Free trampolines have been proven to reduce up to 90 percent of trampoline related injuries. Limit your children’s broken bones with the safest trampoline out there, and have more time enjoying the perks of this fun outdoor activity, and out of harm’s way!

Enforce Rules for Children of All Ages

Trampolines are always safe, when you commit to consistent supervision. Whether you have a spring free or a traditional model, it’s always important to supervise children when they are bouncing, jumping or even dancing on their trampoline. Even if your kids are teenagers, it’s easy to turn their harmless moves into rough and tough horseplay. If you have a mix of ages on the trampoline at the same time, enforce a “no somersault or air flips” rule to prevent injury. 

To further decrease chances of injury, lower your trampoline as much as you can because from a logical standpoint, the lower they are to the ground when they jump, the shorter of a distance they have to fall!


Kids have the uncanny ability to create a fun time wherever they go, and when they spend time on their trampoline, they’ll easily get outdoor time, exercise and fun all in one shot! Keep them safe by following this guide, and everyone wins!