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Trampolines Can Benefit the Whole Family!


Trampolines Can Benefit the Whole Family!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your family is—your trampoline can benefit everyone in it—mentally, physically and emotionally. So, what are you waiting for? Answer the following questions:

·         Do you have poor balance or coordination?

·         Do you struggle to lose weight?

·         Do you wish your children would play video games less, and play outside, more?

·         Would you love to have an easy and accessible activity for your whole family to enjoy?

·         Would you like to be able to work out without leaving your home?  

Trampolines used to be a fun way for children to get their energy out, but today there are multiple uses for the trampoline, and for every family member that uses it! From trampoline aerobics, to improved rhythm, coordination and stress relief; high intensity cardio workouts to friendly competition through fun exercise, the trampoline can (and does) benefit the entire family—read all about it, here!

It’s Serious Stress Relief from Your Demanding Day

Bills to be paid. Deadlines to meet. Kids to pick up. Meals to prepare—whew. Exhausted yet? More than anyone, you deserve to have a new way to de-stress, and a refreshing and calming form of exercise that will make you feel grounded and ready to take on the next challenge that comes your way! When you jump on a trampoline, the calming motion (similar to going to and fro on a swing) allows your body to release those endorphins that are responsible for making you feel good, positive and happy. Have you had a short fuse lately? Spend ten to twenty minutes releasing your pent up aggression, and spare others from taking the burden!

It’s a Whole New Workout that You’ve Never Tried!

Forget the gym, and leave your Wii workout for another time. One of the best workouts you can get is on your trampoline. Don’t believe the hype? Just ten minutes of constant trampoline jumping can actually give you the same results that thirty three minutes of a hard run on the treadmill can! If you’ve got an hour to spare, get your trampoline aerobics in, and work off your 1,000 calorie dinner from last night.

It Gives Your Kids a Reason to Love Exercising

When you focus on an active lifestyle, no one benefits more than your children, and that’s because it sets a precedent for their own life. So, encourage the trampoline as a way to feel good, boost your energy level and even improve your athletic abilities! It’s the perfect combination of exercise and fun for kids, because while they’re laughing at the exhilarating up and down motion of jumping high as a superhero, you’ll loving that they’re getting their daily exercise in (without even realizing it!)

When you begin to think of the trampoline in a new and exciting way (with multiple opportunities to benefit your entire family) you can feel good about one of the best investments you’ll ever make! Get your spouse and children involved, and have a blast as you decrease the stress, and have fun together.