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Trampolines: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Idea for the Kids

Christmas is less than three weeks away, which means that time is running out to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you are a parent or grandparent searching for something unique and exciting, a trampoline is definitely worth considering. It’s the type of gift that brings a certain “wow factor,” among a number of other benefits.

First and foremost, a trampoline is a perfectly appropriate gift for more than one child. In fact, presenting a trampoline to two or three children often makes it a more cost effective option than giving multiple gifts. Brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors and friends can take turns on the backyard trampoline, competing for most consecutive or highest jumps. Depending on the trampoline you purchase, the product may even include built-in gaming features. Springfree trampolines come standard with Tgoma, an outdoor, interactive, digital gaming system. Not only will the kids have a blast playing with friends, but they’ll also work on important social skills as they share and engage in friendly competition.

Another great reason to purchase a trampoline as a gift this holiday season is the longevity of the product. A quality trampoline will see little ones through childhood and into adolescence. It will be their go-to hangout place after school and all summer long. And since most trampolines are strong enough to support adults, too, mom and dad can join in on the fun every once in a while. 

Perhaps the top reason to get the kids a trampoline for Christmas is the physical activity it will prompt. If you are concerned about excessive screen time, or if you’d like to see your kids up and moving more often, a trampoline provides the great motivation to get up off the couch. Plus, mom and dad can rest easy knowing they can simply look out the window and see the kids enjoying some time outdoors in their very own backyard.

If you are seriously considering a trampoline as a holiday gift for the kids, we have two pieces of advice. The first is to do your research. In other words, read up on the different brands available and make sure you select a trampoline with a safety net enclosure, among other safety features. Our two favorite brands are Springfree and JumpSport Elite. Both produce trampolines that were designed with your child’s wellbeing in mind. Secondly, we recommend accounting for two additional products — a ladder, and delivery and installation — when you purchase your trampoline. Having a ladder is crucial so that the kids can easily climb in and out of the trampoline. Having a team of trained professionals install your new product is also an essential. This will make your life easier. It will also allow you to rest easy, knowing that installation was done properly. Most retailers offer delivery and installation all year long.

 Please use the comments section below to tell us about your gift ideas for the kids this year. Happy Holidays!