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What to Look for in a Home Basketball Hoop

     Shopping for a home basketball hoop may sound easy enough, but like many other products, there is a variety of brands, sizes and models to consider. With so many options, it is easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why we’re providing you with some information to think about before you make your purchase. Here are five must-have features for your home basketball hoop:

·Tempered Glass Backboard: Tempered glass is a toughened form of glass that has been treated with chemicals to help prevent shattering. Therefore, tempered glass is an extremely safe option for your home basketball hoop. Tempered glass is also superior to  plastic backboards, which lack the performance that glass backboards provide. And if you’re looking to truly replicate collegiate standards, a 72″ tempered glass backboard is the answer.

·Height Adjustment: Having the flexibility to change the height of your basketball hoop means that that whole family will be able to enjoy some friendly competition. We recommend a hoop that adjusts from about 6 or 7 feet to 10, that way little ones just starting to learn the sport can access the hoop, while older, more skilled players can enjoy a hoop that mimics regulation standards. Some basketball systems feature an internal mechanism to adjust the height — a bonus that offers an additional measure of protection for your hoop.

·Portability: We recommend looking for a system that allows you to transfer your hoop in the event that you move. Goalsetter’s ground anchor hinge system does just that. With Goalsetter, simply purchase a replacement ground anchor and install your hoop at your new home.

·Durable, Long-lasting Materials: A sturdy home basketball hoop will be made of steel that is coated with at least a few layers of primer and enamel, to protect it from the elements. We recommend looking for one-piece structures rather than those that are cut or welded. Hardware should also be made of steel.

·Safe Play Area: With any type of product intended for use by the kids, it’s important to consider safety factors. That’s why we like models that incorporate an extra bit of space between the pole and the backboard, creating a bit of a cushion for the kids as they practice their skills, play intense games of 2-on-2, shoot “Around the World” and more.

     A home basketball hoop is an investment that sits in your driveway for all to see, for years and years to come. Oftentimes, a hoop is used by more than one generation. For this reason, we recommend opting for a quality, trusted brand with at least a few of these must-have features.