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Giving Back to Our Local Communities

Best in backyards giving back

 In the season of receiving, it is so important to take some time to give back to our communities. The Holidays are approaching and it is easy to get swept away in deals, bargains, stocking suffers, and gift wrap. That is why Best in Backyards made it our goal to end the year by giving give back to our local communities. So what did we do?

womenscenterofgreaterdanbury logo

Best in Backyards employees banned together and collected over 15 unopened cases of water to donate to the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury Connecticut. Giving back to our communities is so important to show our support. There are many amazing organizations who work so hard to make a difference. Why did we choose this organization? “Since our founding in 1975, the Women’s Center has been a safe haven as the sole provider of services to victims of domestic and sexual violence… (Women’s Center of Greater Danbury Website)”. The water of choice was Hint because the drink is a healthy and flavorful option for the Thanksgiving baskets the organization hands out. The Women’s Center provides services such as educational classes, support groups, food donations and more to those in need.  Click on their logo to find more information or to donate.


aws logo

The giving didn’t stop there. Eastern Jungle Gym was inspired by Best in Backyards and decided to work with the Animal Welfare Society of New Milford Connecticut. They helped to sponsor high-risk dogs for a full year! Why this organization? “The Animal Welfare Society Shelter is an independent, nonprofit, non-destroy animal rescue organization whose mission is to offer refuge to homeless and abandoned dogs and cats and place them in responsible, loving homes. (Animal Welfare Society Shelter Website)” The money donated is going towards the dogs that are harder to adopt (due to age, breed, or gender). It will provide financial support to the shelter and assist with housing and feeding the harder to adopt dogs. Click on their logo to find more information or to donate.

Toys for Tots Train Logo

Several Best in Backyards Superstore Locations were honored to host Toys for Tots this Christmas Season. With social media exposure, posters, and word of mouth, we were able to fill our boxes with new and unopened toys for the local children. Not only that, but for each toy donated by our thoughtful community Best in Backyards matched the donation! We were so proud by the end results and take heart in knowing they will make many children’s Christmas dreams come true. We are so proud to work with such a wonderful organization like Toys for Tots and can’t wait to work with them again in the future. Click on their logo to find more information or to donate.


John D. Rockefeller Jr. got it right when he said, “Think of giving not as duty but as a privilege.” Best in Backyards is honored with the privilege of giving back this year, and we are so proud of our employees, our community, and everyone who has given back this Holiday Season. We look forward to 2019 so we can spread the love and support to many more organizations who are out there making a difference. If you click on their logo it will lead you to their website if you would like to find ways that you can help!