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6 Ways to Put a Spring Back In Your Step

Spring Time Backyard Family Fun

The colder weather is melting away and being replaced with flowers, green grass, and longer days. After spending so many months cooped up indoors it can be hard to find the motivation to get yourself, and the kids, back outside and active. We have come up with some easy, fun, and unique ways to get that spring back in your step!

  1. Go on short walks up and down the block. This seems so obvious and simple, but it is a great way to not overexert yourself, and to get your body back into the habit of being active outdoors. If you have kids, take pictures of the blooming flowers and plants and then go home and look up what they are. You can also bring a bird book on your walks and see how many local birds you can spot!
  2. Dust off your trampoline and go for a jump! Encourage the kids to get outside with some fun and easy trampoline games. A quick Google search will give you lots of fun family friendly trampoline games! It is a great way to sneak some exercise into fun family time! You can even take turns with the kids and do some jumping around yourself!
  3. Outdoor DIY projects are the perfect solution to getting back outdoors! Whether you are painting a picture, gardening, personalizing your She-Shed, or making macaroni jewelry with the kids, DIY projects are perfect for springtime! Enjoy the warmer days outdoors on your deck or patio, giving yourself some quality time alone doing something you love. If you want, you can always invite friends or the kids to join in on your DIY projects as well!
  4. Host a friendly low-key BBQ. Invite your friends or family and host a backyard BBQ to celebrate the warmer weather! Make some classic BBQ foods and watch the kids play in the yard. This is a great way to be social, eat some great food, show off your grilling skills, and start the season of outdoor activities off right!
  5. Start a small garden; you can grow herbs, veggies, or flowers! If you live in an apartment or condo, don’t worry because a quick Google search will give you lots of unique ways to use pallets to create a garden space. Gardening encourages relaxation, calm, and self-care. Whether you want to work quietly and alone, blasting some fun tunes, or getting the kids involved, gardening is a great way to get outside and watch something grow!
  6. Get the kids active and running around with a scavenger hunt. Once all the snow has melted away ask your kids to pick up as many “lost” items as they can find. You’d be surprised at what you’ll find in the yard after the snow melts! All the lost toys, sometimes even shovels and rakes. Make It a game and see who can find the most stuff . It’s fun and you’ll clean up the yard at the same time.

Getting back outdoors and active doesn’t have to be hard. Start simple and easy with any of our 5 suggestions listed above. Get the kids involved or go at it solo and find the things you love to do to encourage outdoor time. Fresh air, sunlight and exercise are all things humans need to be happy and healthy. Celebrate the warm weather by putting that spring back in your step!