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Advantages of Shed Storage


Advantages of Shed Storage

Who knew that today’s shed could offer so many opportunities for storage, to garden, and even for time of self-reflection and solace? In ancient Egypt, they used sheds to store food, and cavemen used sheds for shelter from the harsh wintertime. Today, the modern shed is strong, durable, and not to mention, a beautiful asset to your backyard! Here are some creative ways to use your shed, from functional to fun (and everything in between).   

It’s Allows Your Home to be Clutter-Free

While you love your home, you don’t always love the clutter, and unless you have the space to clear away those holiday decorations and lawn equipment, it can feel like the clutter is controlling you—not the other way around. Use your shed in the most practical way of all, for storage year round.

Add some shelving to the walls, hang up hooks and even designate an area for your teenage son’s guitar practice! The best part is, the modern shed isn’t just practical—it can also be a beautiful way to store just what want out of the house in order to have a home that suites all your tastes.  

It’s an Instant Greenhouse

Is gardening your passion, but your children and pets make it impossible to enjoy plants and vegetables that grow without getting stomped on or eaten? Use your shed as the right combination of privacy and protection for your garden—and watch it flourish! One of the biggest advantages of shed storage is known as the ‘greenhouse effect’—that is, a shed that is the right amount of space so you can put your green thumb to good use. 

It’s Creative Space

Spend an afternoon treating your shed with as much attention as you would any room in your house, and you have the opportunity to make your shed much more than storage for your lawn mower, tools and knick-knacks. Unleash the inner artist in you that’s desperate to be discovered, and use your shed as the perfect place to create pottery, write short stories, or set up your dark room.

It’s especially useful to turn your shed into your creative space when the distraction of your home is preventing you from creating a masterpiece. You’ve already got the talent, and now when you convert your shed into an art room, you have the space!


It Can Even Be Your ‘Happy Place’!