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Cool Off in Style With One of Our Solair Awnings

Many people have all the bells and whistles of a gorgeous backyard. They have a pool, a hot tub and a garden abundant with fresh lilies, roses and more. They may even have a trampoline or a tennis court. But oddly enough, they do not have an awning to protect them from the heat. When your family, friends and party guests aren’t shielded from the bright sun of the spring or the scorching heat of summer, it can be a real mood killer. That’s why we’re giving you a guide to the one backyard accessory that may have escaped you—so you can go into spring and summer fully prepared for fun in the sun (or in this case, out of the sun’s way!)


An Awning…Why Now?

You may wonder why an awning, and why now? What you should be asking yourself is “Why not?” Spring and summer are right around the corner, and that means you will put yourself at risk for a painful sunburn or two if you don’t proactively think ahead. How can you enjoy reading or napping outdoors without the heat ruining your day? How will your guests be most comfortable at your pool parties in the summer? How can you stay protected from those harmful UV rays? There are so many reasons—think 20-degrees cooler—to add one or more awnings to your backyard, and with spring approaching, there’s no better time than right now!

An Awning Gives You Another ‘Room’ to Eat and Play

During the winter months, many people experience “cabin fever” from being cooped up because of the rain, sleet and snow. Give your entire family a new room to enjoy—your outdoor living area! Bring lunch outside for everyone while the kids jump on their trampoline. Read a book on your lawn chair, as your gorgeous awning keeps you covered and protected.

Best in Backyards Offers the Best Awning Available

It doesn’t matter how big or small your backyard is. Our Solair awnings will give your deck or patio the perfect amount of shade you need! It retracts easily (with the push of a button), is modernly designed and made with Sunbrella Fabrics. Call Best in Backyards at 800-752-9787 to find the perfect one for you!