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Create a Romantic Getaway With Our Hearthside Pergolas!


Create a Romantic Getaway With Our Hearthside Pergolas! 

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the romance in your life has to. The secret to a healthy, passionate and exciting relationship (no matter how long you’ve been together) is spontaneous, stolen moments you can enjoy each and every day.

Don’t wait for the means to book a trip to a tropical paradise, because your romantic getaway is just a few steps away—in your very own backyard! Here are three easy steps to turn your unused space into a sacred oasis. And the best part of all? All it takes is a pergola, a bottle of wine and some dim lighting. Viola! You’ve just brought back the heat as a couple…and this time, it’s here to stay!

Bring in a Hearthside Pergola to Set the Mood

You may not always feel like you have time to devote to romance—especially if your home life is just as hectic as your work life. That’s why romance needs to play just as important of a role as everything else in your life. Commit to having a glass of wine with your significant other after the kids have gone to bed, and before you’ve fallen asleep on the couch! If your backyard doesn’t exactly ooze a romantic flare and doesn’t provide any privacy, create it with one of our hearthside or artisan pergolas. With a wide selection of cedar, vinyl, pine and hemlock, they are a perfect way to relax and reconnect with the one you love.

Hang Lights Overhead for a Romantic Vibe

Our pergolas have the privacy you need for a quick and romantic getaway, and with an artistic and sturdy overhang to display lights for you and yours. Add on a lattice roof to your pergola to hang your lights from, and you’ll have a peaceful ambiance that will be the reconnect the two of you need—in order to unwind from a long day apart. Go to your local hardwood or DIY store, and you’re likely to find a vast selection of designs and colors that will be just what your backyard has been missing all these years!

Don’t Forget About the Accessories (Fire Pit Included!)

If the pergola is the centerpiece of your backyard, what’s your missing ingredient for a complete romantic getaway? A fire pit is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and can easily be installed. Then, enjoy hours and hours of the best room in your house—or, outside of your house, that is. Need more comfort? Furnish your outdoor room with decorative pillows and vibrant furniture such as chairs and a couch. For a special treat, surprise your loved one by cooking his/her favorite meal (aphrodisiac foods such as artichokes and oysters are a great mood booster!) from your outdoor kitchen and eat it in style—while enjoying every moment together as a couple.


What’s your favorite way to adorn your outdoor furniture? Is it with new glass wear or pillows? Let us know on our Facebook page what you do to dress up your usual backyard décor. We’d love to know!