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Gardening Tips


Gardening Tips

Sure, everyone this time of year is looking forward to sunny skies, warmer weather and the blooming of flowers. But one of the best parts about the Spring season—as well as Winter—is  having the means to grow a beautiful and plentiful garden! 

Do you have a green thumb, and can’t wait to utilize it right now, as well as plan for the perfect spring crop of veggies and flowers?

Instead of risking that your young plants will freeze during a winter storm, or wondering how you’ll control the onset of fungus on your plants in the coming months, Look no further than right here. This is your Winter/Spring guide to becoming the experienced, organized gardener you’ve always dreamed of being!

Protect Young Plants From Freezing

You know as well as anybody else that when frost comes to town, it can mean death for your garden. Why take a risk that your plants will survive the bitter cold? Go through the old pots you have stored in your garden shed.  Placing them upside down and over your plants, it’s a great way to keep your garden well protected at night and during bitter cold days.

Improve the Quality of Soil for Your Most Precious Flowers

The next time you frequent your favorite coffee shop, consider asking them if they wouldn’t mind saving old coffee and tea grounds for you. When your plants grow in high acidic soil, they flourish—and that’s exactly what coffee grounds do well! From gardenias to blueberries, you can quickly turn your floundering plants into prosperous ones.

Feeds Your Plants ‘Vegetable Soup’

It may sound funny (and even a little ridiculous!) but plants can often react well to your dinner leftovers. For example, if boiled water you use to cook your vegetables for dinner is then used for your flowers in your garden, you may notice the quality of your plants improve! Who knew that when you cook your famous carrot dish you’re actually strengthening the carrots growing in your garden, as well?

You Don’t Have to Wait Until Spring to Have a Garden…

If you already have a garden shed, you don’t have to wait until the warmer weather sets in to plant those gorgeous roses and lilies you’ve been waiting for. Build a greenhouse, and bring an indoor garden to you all year long! It’s easy to assimilate: several rectangular wood structures to support your plants, plastic or glass covering, artificial lighting, and classical music (if you are a believer that soft, pleasing music can help plants grow!)


At Best in Backyards, we offer a selection of garden sheds that are as diverse as our customers are. Whether you want a modern style, an ‘Old World charm,’ or one in which you can maximize your space entirely, we’ve got it! So that you can have the garden of your dreams, we’re committed to finding the right garden shed for you! Come visit one of six showroom locations and see for yourself!