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Got Cabin Fever? We’ve Got the Solution!


Got Cabin Fever? We’ve Got the Solution!

Feeling blue lately?  Between the bitter cold weather that limits your children’s outdoor play and the absence of sunshine for days a time, it’s no wonder you feel the effects of cabin fever. The winter blues makes the days seem long, and the night’s even longer!

Are you looking for the perfect way to replace restlessness of being indoors for something exciting you can look forward to, come Spring? Then look no further than your own local Best in Backyards showroom! Your whole family can come down to one of our six New York and Connecticut locations to see firsthand how exciting your backyard can truly be—and just how transformative you can make it!  

Don’t let the rain, sleet and snow bring down your mood. Don’t let your kids test your patience as they’re cooped up indoors! Instead of passing the time by merely daydreaming about your spring time plans, visit us in one of our showrooms and bring your dreams immediately to life! We have something for everyone:


Do you want a backyard that breeds an instant opportunity for your family to get their exercise in?Look no further than our selection of trampolines and in-ground basketball systems!


Do you want an activity for your kids that will keep them fit, increase their problem solving skills, and allow them to bond with their siblings? Customize a swing set (don’t forget the rubber mulch for safety!) for your kiddos from our extensive selection!


Do you want to cook outdoors for your friends, loved ones and neighbors year round?Then talk to our friendly and knowledge staff about our line of outdoor BBQ kitchens! With granite countertops, accent lighting and even a fire pit, this is one backyard addition you can’t pass up! 


Isn’t it about time that you add some romance to your backyard, so that every night can be ‘date night’ at your house?Then be sure to check out the great deals we have on our beautifully crafted pergolas!


Our Showrooms are Designed for the Ideal Shopping Experience

There’s nothing worse than waking up to your usual 7am alarm time, and you’re chilled before you even get out of bed. Your day isn’t an easy one when you discover there’s ice on the roads, which means your children’s school is cancelled—once again!

Instead of spending another day with a mean case of cabin fever, load up the car and head to our showroom! Pick and choose from our extensive selection of storage sheds, trampolines, pavilions and pergolas; stainless steel outdoor kitchens and swing sets.  And by the end of your visit, you’ll have created your fantasy backyard just in time for Spring. Don’t wait! Our pre-season stock is going fast.)


We’d love to know…what is your favorite backyard accessory? How has it made a difference in your quality of life?