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Have a Great Summer Vacation in your Backyard

outdoor friends around fire feature enjoying summer

Vacations are not only difficult when you have younger kids, but more time is spent planning and scheduling than enjoying the fun. Pampering yourself with some quiet time, fine food, and relaxation doesn’t have to be tropical islands or museums. Did you know that you can have a summer vacation in your backyard?

We know your backyard isn’t a white sandy beach or 5-star restaurant, but you can turn your backyard into a space that brings you relaxation, laughs, and a break from reality. One way of doing this is decorating your deck or patio with white Christmas lights to create a romantic and classy ambiance. If you don’t have an outdoor fire feature then adding some tiki torches or candles also helps with a feeling of warmth and relaxation. By spicing up your deck or patio with some lights, and warmth you are creating a space where you can read a good book, enjoy dinner with the family, invite friends over, or sit in your hot tub.

Another way to turn your backyard into a vacation paradise is to fire up your grill and host an afternoon summer hot tub party! Invite over your friends and serve kabobs, hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, ribs, corn, peppers, or any other grill worthy food. Enjoying good laughs over delicious food with friends is one of the best ways to make time for yourself and enjoy your backyard. Turn on your hot tub radio, lights, and jets for the ultimate backyard retreat! Let your friends take turns between hot tub time and BBQ or if your hot tub is party sized, you can all sit and enjoy the hydrotherapy together. Using what you already have in your backyard is a great way to save on money, but still feel like you had some vacation time.

If you are looking for some quiet alone time for your summer vacation in your backyard then worry not. Play some of your favorite music, make yourself a snack, grab a good book, and open your awning for some shade. Tell your partner or the kids that you need an hour without interruption and really carve out this important time for yourself. For ultimate relaxation, turn off your phone so that there isn’t any call or text that can interrupt your one-on-one. If you don’t have any patio furniture to relax on, grab a pillow and blanket and hop onto your kids trampoline. It might seem silly but lying on a trampoline can be very relaxing and comfortable. 

If you wish you could make it to the beach but can’t, there are some simple substitutes that can help quench your thirst. If you have a hot tub or exercise pool put on your favorite swimsuit, make a margarita, and spend your afternoon in and out of the water. Even putting on a sprinklers for a quick cool-off is a great way to be outside but also enjoy the water. To make your backyard feel even more like a beach you can bring your beach towel and lay it in the grass for some sun bathing opportunities. Blow up a big beach ball to toss around in the hot tub, or set up backyard volleyball.

If you are willing to get creative your backyard can quickly be turned into a summer vacation destination. It might not be the same as a trip to Europe but you can still have lots of wonderful experiences and make great memories in the comfort of your own home.