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How to keep birds off your Springfree trampoline net

5 Ways To Keep Birds Off Your Springfree Trampoline Net

No one can answer customer questions better than you – the customers! We’ve been taking questions from Springfree owners that we receive on Facebook and Twitter and asking our audiences for their input or suggestions.

One question we commonly receive is:

How can I get birds to stop perching on top of my FlexiNet

These are the top 5 answers we received from our customers:

1) Tinsel, tin foil or blank CD’s. The metallic colour scares the birds away.

2) Cable ties with the ends sticking up. Birds won’t be able to perch as easily.

3) Fake snakes or owls.

4) A scarecrow.

5) Get your kids to go for a jump! Need we say more?

If you have this issue with your Springfree Trampoline, hopefully one of these tips will do the trick in stopping birds from perching on top of your FlexiNet.

Do you have any other tips for solving this problem? Comment below!