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Mad About March? Involve the Whole Family in Basketball Fun

Are you mad about March, or perhaps simply mad about March Madness? If you’re a sports fan, or if you know a family member who lives and breathes basketball, you know what this month entails: close games, cheering and lots of excitement. But the fun doesn’t have to stop with the victory—or loss—of your favorite college team! Our in-ground and wall-mount Goalsetter basketball systems are the perfect option when it comes to staying fit, improving skills and nurturing that competitive spirit.

Are you ready to get your family involved on your own court? Watch a game or two with your kids, then use your new in-ground or wall-mount basketball system to practice those shooting, dribbling and pivoting skills. Run some drills and teach your youngsters the basics. Our in-ground basketball systems are a great choice for growing family members, with adjustable heights from 6 to 10 feet, and fully-tempered glass backboards. They also come with an innovative ground anchor hinge system.

The month of March doesn’t just mean you get your fill of game time on TV. It also means the beginning of some nice weather—so grab your whole family and turn an ordinary afternoon into an interactive basketball experience! Whether you have one child under the age of 5 or four teenagers in the house, heading into your backyard, where you have the luxury of your own basketball system, is a great time you won’t want to pass up! Your kids can practice their defense while you show them how a three-pointer is really done. When everyone is good and tired from all that exercise, go back inside and watch March Madness to your heart’s content.

When the tournament (the first round is March 18 and March 19) is over, launch your own! Gather the neighborhood kids, divide them into teams and draw up some brackets. Appoint someone as the referee. Even the closest of families need a little “shake up” from time to time—to bond, to laugh and to make new memories. Our basketball systems are a perfect way to do that, no matter the season. Do you find yourself challenged with kids that don’t like to exercise? A Goalsetter is a great item to get them in shape and keep them engaged in a healthy, productive activity all year long!

Do you want to install an in-ground basketball system or wall mounted basketball system in your backyard but are unsure which one is right for you? Visit the Best in Backyards website to find the closest location to you. Each basketball system comes with a lifetime guarantee, and a trusted professional who will deliver and install it for you at no cost! Contact one of our locations for pre-season deals going on now.