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Making the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space


Being cooped up indoors is a thing of the past. Or, at least, it should be. If you’re like most people, then you may be experiencing a case of extreme ‘cabin fever’ from the past few months of winter. But luckily, spring is here, and that means you need to make up for lost time and prepare for the many ways in which you can use your backyard to its full potential! Here are some ideas on how to transform your outdoor room into the most frequented room of your home.

Bring in a Little Something Special

Are you tired of sweating over the stove top in an effort to make a healthy dinner for your family? Head outside and cook up a delicious meal on your outdoor kitchen instead! Outdoor kitchens are the ultimate backyard accessory, with everything you need to work some wonders for your family and friends! Just imagine grilling some chicken, steak and veggie Kabobs and enjoying a bottle of perfectly chilled wine from your fridge, all without having to step foot indoors. It’s all within the scope of your outdoor kitchen, easily accessible and designed to impress!

Another item that says “I take pride in my place” is a fire pit. Whether you use it for a spring evening get-together with your closest friends, or a summer s’mores sleepover for all of the neighborhood kids, a fire pit will be the star of the show.

Pergolas Instantly Transform Your Backyard

Take your fire pit one step further and place it right outside of your pergola. It’s an outdoor structure your whole family will enjoy day in and day out. And when you are looking to get away from the stress of everyday life and spend some quality time with your significant other, take advantage of the pergola by relaxing in a beautiful lounge chair or love seat. Why not save the money you would spend on a weekend getaway and have all the luxury and comfort in your own backyard? Trust us—a pergola is an outdoor lover’s dream.

An Awning Will Protect You From the Scorching Heat of Summer

It is never too early to think about how you will stay protected from those pesky UV rays that so many of us fall victim to in the spring and summer. An awning is an effortless solution that will allow you to stay cool and protected on your deck or patio, while still being able to enjoy the sunny weather. With a gorgeous assortment of elegant, high quality Sunbrella fabrics to choose from, an awning will complete your backyard perfectly!

Make Your Backyard Kid-Friendly 

Some people put off updating their backyard for the fear that their children will damage it. Have no fear, because when you simply take the time to designate an area for your children, they will ignore your beautiful garden and stay away from your pergola altogether. If your toddler wants to have a “grown up” garden just like mom or dad, bring in some special flowers he or she can call her own. Or you could treat your youngster to endless entertainment with a beautiful cedar swing.

Any combination of these items will keep your kids engaged and safe while you enjoy a peaceful outdoor paradise of your own!