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Patio Designs Part 2: Planning Your Backyard Pavilion


When it comes to the hot days and relaxing evenings of summer, nothing allows you to enjoy the gorgeous weather from the comfort of your home quite like an outdoor room. There are a range of outdoor room structures to choose from — pergolas, gazebos and retractable awnings — but the backyard pavilion is one of our favorites. With a clean design and a number of stylish customization options, the outdoor pavilion instantly adds a sense of sophistication to your backyard.

Pavilions are known for the shade they provide. Thanks to a solid roof made of shingles or a bold, colored metal, anyone sitting under the backyard pavilion is fairly well protected from the sun, depending on the time of day and the angle of the sun. For many homeowners, this bit of shade is a welcomed addition in a backyard that centers around a pool, as it gives the family a chance to take a break from the heat and the harmful sun while still enjoying the outdoors.  The same can be true about a property that offers a sprawling garden. Who wouldn’t enjoy a stroll through the fragrant flowers followed by the opportunity to cool off and continue admiring the plants from afar?

Once the location for the backyard pavilion has been selected, the next choice is the size and style. Pavilions on the more intimate side, can be as compact as 10 x 10 feet, while larger units designed to accommodate groups of guests or big families can span up to 20 x 20 feet. Keep in mind that the number of posts will change from four to six when you hit a certain size. When deciding on the size, envision what the space will look like. Will a few chairs and small table suffice? Perhaps you are picturing a large dining area, or a spacious lounge with plenty of outdoor furniture. Some homeowners truly personalize their new outdoor room by setting up an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ grill, a bar or even a stone fireplace. These types of investments undoubtedly add to the value of your home, as they allow you to extend your living space.

After the size, positioning and setup of the backyard pavilion has been determined, you will want to give some thought to the style and look you desire. Would a rustic cedar complement your existing patio or deck setup. If so, you may also want to opt for a splash of color with a blue, red, bronze or evergreen metal roof.  A more modern, contemporary or colonial home may call for a classic, bright, white vinyl pavilion. Whether the pavilion is vinyl, pine or cedar, the retailer should offer ample opportunities to customize, from stone columns to post trim to cupolas to top off the look. And don’t forget about the interior of the structure. An add-on electrical package will allow you to add overhead lighting, and even a ceiling fan to keep you cool on the most humid of days.

The last thing to think about is installation. We highly recommend paying a bit extra to have the professionals deliver and install your structure. It may be tempting to try yourself, but a trained team will know how to properly secure the pavilion so it’s safe not just for guests to enjoy, but also to withstand all sorts of weather.

A backyard pavilion can serve a range of purposes, from the finishing touch on a newly renovated outdoor space to the patio piece that offsets the children’s play area. Purchasing one for your home means added elegance, plus, an additional place to entertain and socialize. We hope this blog post has helped your sort through all the different factors to consider when purchasing one. Please feel free to leave questions in the comments section, and stay tuned for lots of information on retractable awnings in Part 3 of our Patio Designs blog.