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Shed Organization Tips


Shed Organization Tips

If your garage is your current method of storage, you may have experienced anxiety over the following: nails, bolts and nuts spread across a long table (and with your only hammer that’s missing in action); boxes of old books, photo albums and kitchen appliances covered in dust, and a mound of camping gear you don’t have a proper place for.

Here’s a tip that works: Clear out your garage, and move it all into a beautiful, spacious and modernly styled shed. Start over from scratch and make your storage shed into the most organized clutter-free space on your property. Here, you’ll find five easy and creatively-inspired DIY ideas that won’t take long to do and will save you a whole lot of grief in the days, months and years to come!

It’s About the Hooks and Shelves

When you don’t know where to put your children’s old art projects, or half-finished mosaic creations of your own, simply add some cheap shelving (found at your local hardware or mega-DIY store) and put it up high and out of sight until you’re ready for it. Additionally, if you want to clear space that is currently being occupied by brooms, rakes and leaf blowers, install a wall organizer (or two, or three) and hang them up and out of the way (as a result, your shed will look bigger than ever)!

Bring in a Shoe Organizer

A shoe organizer isn’t just for your shoes anymore! Simply hang up the organizer on the back of your shed’s door, or on the wall, and you can utilize the shoe pockets for whatever you need and want out of the way. Another space saver is to bring in extra storage bins or plastic crates you have on hand and use them for muddy soccer shoes, camping gear or your teens sporting equipment.

Make Use of an Old Piece of Unused Furniture

While this seems like a strange way to organize your shed, it’s a great way to save space with those knick-knacks you don’t have a home for. Look around your bedroom—if you’ve wanted to treat yourself to a new dresser, now’s the perfect time to take the old one out and place it in your shed, and buy yourself a brand new one for your bedroom. Use your old furniture (dresser, coffee table, nightstand, etc.) for a practical storage option. Designate each drawer to a particular object you need a place for—simple, right?


When you take the space in your shed seriously, you can easily turn it into a clutter-free space. Think creatively by utilizing old furniture in your home you no longer use or want; add extra shelving to your shed’s walls and you won’t just have a clear space to work from but you’ll have the illusion of a bigger one as well!