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Sheds Aren’t Just for Storage

Sheds Aren’t Just for Storage

Your wood storage shed can be anything you’d like. Some uses are a chicken coop; a playhouse for the kids, a workshop, a garden shed or even an office or man cave! The possibilities are endless.  If your family is outgrowing your home, make some space with a new shed from Best in Backyards!

A Playhouse for Kids

What a great idea! Kids love their own space and what better place than in their own playhouse. You can paint it any fun color add some toy boxes and maybe some kid sized furniture. They’ll get hours of fun using their imagination in their own castle or space ship. Some curtains on the windows, old carpeting for the floor and before you know it they’ll want to sleep out over night.

A Garden Shed

Gardening is one of the most popular outdoor activities and using your shed to organize your garden tools is a great idea. You can even add skylights and make it like a greenhouse.  Make shelf space inside for all the tools, pots and seeds. An outside garden hose and reel is convenient to water new plantings too.

You can even put a small table and chair inside for resting during a break on warm summer day.

A Man Cave

Now that’s a great idea! Put all those beautiful furnishings you’ve been hiding in the closet like the wagon wheel table, neon beer signs, and various wall hangings your wife loves. How about that old couch and a mini fridge? You could even run electricity, cable and a TV! Watch the game with friends and have a cold beverage….or two.

It’s a great place for all your sports equipment too. Fishing poles, skis, golf clubs whatever sports you’re into.

These are only a few ideas. You can be creative and turn your storage shed into anything you like. The best part is when it’s finished it’ll be part of your home. You’ll have added that much needed space without adding onto the house.


If you’ve made your shed into something unique let us know, we’d love to hear from you!