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Shop Now and Save Big on End-of-Season Clearance Items


Even though the end of summer means no more warm weather, and less free time for families, this time of year does have its perks. No, we’re not talking about all things pumpkin spice or the chance to go apple picking. We’re talking about big seasonal clearance sales!

After Labor Day is usually the time for companies to sell off their displays and their excess inventory, especially in the Northeast where winter and snow come quickly. Retailers are looking to make way for their new inventory for the coming year so they run huge sales–sometimes their biggest of the year–that can save customers between 10 and 40-percent on products that have been used for one season and are less than a year old. Any wear and tear on the product will usually be minimal, so don’t let that hold you back from making a purchase (remember, even brand new items are sometimes sold in less than perfect condition). Examine the product to point out any additional dings and flaws that could lead to an even bigger drop in price, since you are purchasing “as is.”

It’s possible that businesses will also be more likely to negotiate at this time of year. That could mean getting delivery and installation free, or at a discounted price, if you buy immediately. Don’t expect to be able to purchase the item and wait for delivery once winter is over. The purpose of these sales it to move the inventory quickly and clear up space for new models. Plus, families these days are putting their outdoor products–such as pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, outdoor kitchens and barbecues, basketball systems, and swing sets–to use throughout the four seasons, so many retailers are selling and installing all year long.

If you are going to take advantage of these clearance deals, it’s best to be flexible. Maybe the shed is gray instead of white, or does not have the flower boxes you pictured. Perhaps the outdoor kitchen is stucco instead of tile; or the swing set has one swing fewer than you had planned. The money you save on a display product that is not exactly what you wanted can go toward repainting or adding on to the item. Also, keep in mind a sense of urgency, and know that as the sales go on, the selection will shrink. Often times it is best to move quickly, as the biggest deals could go quickly, and may be long gone by the time you return and are ready to buy. There’s nothing worse than the regret of letting a great offer pass you by!

What sorts of items are you looking to purchase this fall? No matter the product, we wish you luck in finding a spectacular deal!